Beginner’s Guide to Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

One of the key benefits of chakra meditation is that it helps in balancing the key chakras to bring your own soul into a state of peace. Dating far back to the centuries in time, Chakras have existed, and their understanding has grown in people.

Careful balancing of the Chakras has easily been linked to the maintenance of an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. Discover now the power of Chakra meditation!

Beginning Chakra Meditation

One may ask himself, how do I start my chakra meditation? When Chakra is blocked, it can easily result in emotional, as well as physical disruptions.

That is why whenever you are able to identify a blocked Chakra, do whatever is possible to open it again. The benefits that it brings along with it are countless.

One of the best ways to open the blocked chakra is through chakra meditation. Your Chakras are the energy hubs within your body, and they maintain the flow of spiritual energy from the Root Chakra and up to your Crown Chakra.

When one becomes blocked, your spiritual energy system starts to gradually misfunction.  Your Guardian Angel can guide you on how to keep your Chakras clear!

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Blocked Chakra and Imbalances

Chakras can easily get blocked up and imbalanced. This can easily result in the disruption of natural energy flow within the body.

According to firm belief, the energy would be compensated by directing more energy to the chakras, which are more functional. When this happens, the result is unavoidable.

Some of the chakras shut down, and the ones that are fed more energy become hyperactive. This can also push through a serious issue on the mental and physical balance of your being.

The only effective way to avoid this is through Chakra meditation. This will help to keep all the chakras open and bring them into collective harmony. You can also try a chakra cleansing.

When a blockage or an imbalance occurs, it is natural for one to be troubled and look for ways to solve the issue. This can be done by identifying first which of the chakras is blocked.

There are several ways one can actually find this out, and the most effective one from them is to have a deeper knowledge of how chakras work.

One can look out for the known associated signs that signal an imbalance. Every single chakra has unique symptoms of both physical and mental aspects.

They indicate the activity taking place within one’s body. Once you can identify the unique physical and mental systems yourself, you can easily know which chakra needs particular attention.

The Seven Chakras of Meditation

When we ask what the 7 chakras of meditation are, we need to know their associated position as well:

Opening Chakras

One might ask himself what happens when you open your chakras? There are a series of signs that become clearly obvious. Since the Chakras are connected through an intimate network, this is why there is a limit to what one can do about a singular chakra point.

Collective meditation on all of the chakra points makes the whole chakra connection more harmonious. Along with the passage of time and the experience that comes along with it, a person gets better at noticing and detecting the individual imbalances.

Through this, they can direct the chakra meditation for emphasis on the given particular points. In order to begin with the whole process, one needs to locate a peaceful place or spot where they will not be disturbed by anyone.

The first step would be to sit comfortably. Fold your legs in front when you sit, or you can pick the option of sitting on a cushion. Your hands can stay relaxed on your thighs or your knees, and then you have to breathe as deeply or evenly as possible.

After this, you have to visualize your chakra. You can do this by beginning at the root and going till the spot of the crown. When you do this, you can imagine and consider the energy that is flowing into the flow of chakra and melding through it.

Color associations can help in Chakra meditations as well. By giving each chakra point sufficient attention, you have to stress and keep focusing until you see bright energy passing through the points. Each of the chakra points deserves several minutes.

By the time you pay attention to the chakra at the point of the crown, you should keep the image clearly visualized as the positive energy flows through the chakra points in the body.

What are the seven chakras, and what do they mean?

Root Chakra or Muladhara

This has the mantra of LAM, and it has red color as well. This is found at the base of the spine and spans over the connection to the wider world.

It also covers the fundamental needs for food, shelter, and stability as well. When considering the issues with your root chakra, they can result in certain emotional and physical disturbances along with digestive issues.

Sacral Chakra of Svadhisthana

This has a VAM Mantra, and it is visualized in orange color. The resting point of this chakra is below the navel.

It is also intimately involved in the process of creation since it rules over the imagination and the reproductive organs as well.

With the sacral chakra balanced, it helps in coping with the new gathered experience of the world as well.

Solar Plexus Chakra of Manipura

With its color of yellow, this chakra point exists in the stomach and right above the naval.

This chakra is especially important for digestion, along with having particularly important mental and spiritual roles as well.

With this chakra in balance, you can experience and understand the things around you and how you relate to it as well. Its Mantra is RAM during chakra meditation.

Heart Chakra of Anahata

This chakra has the color green, and its mantra is YAM. Depicting its physical correlation, it is located at the very center of the whole cardiovascular system.

This chakra point has a very intimate tie with the organs that are around it. Any imbalance that occurs here is responsible for the respiratory problems and the high blood pressure as well.

On a mental level, an unblocked heart chakra helps you to form better emotional connections with other people.

Throat Chakra of Visshuddha

With a mantra of HAM, this chakra has the color blue when it is visualized. It is also located in the throat where the thyroid glands are located close by.

This chakra is particularly known to govern the self-expression of an individual and how he communicates with the world around him.

If this chakra is blocked, it can lead to one feeling rather isolated from everything else. It can also cause several physical issues, such as hormonal imbalances and infections.

Third Eye Chakra or Ajna

With its Indigo color and the mantra of SHAM, the third eye chakra is right above the junction of your eyebrows.

This rules over insight and intuition, but this has to be on a mundane and a spiritual level. By keeping this in balance, you can see how everything around you is connected to one another.

By viewing the world like this, it becomes easier for you to understand your place in it.

Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

It has a mantra of OM, and its color is purple and white. It is located on top of the head, and it is known to serve as a power connection to the wider world as well.

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