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What Does a Tingle on Top of Head Mean?

tingle on the top of the head

In the world of spirituality, anything could be a potential sign of some spiritual change taking place. In order to best approach these signs and deal with them in a healthy manner, it is best to be knowledgeable about what they could mean.

Perhaps one of the more common signs is a tingle on top of the head. This sensation can also feel like a tingle in the forehead. Some refer to it as a psychic tingling sensation or quite simply: forehead tingling. It is an example of one of the crown chakra opening symptoms.

Tingle on the top of the head as signs of a Spiritual Awakening

In order to better understand these forehead tingling sensations and to better understand the crown chakra tingling meaning, this article will explore these various topics. First, we will explore the meaning of what a spiritual awakening is.

Put simply, it is a change within oneself towards a higher understanding of what lies beyond the physical. Feeling a tingle on the top of your head symbolizes an important spiritual change! Your Chakras are the energy hubs that control the flow of spiritual energy throughout your body.

It’s important to learn what it means when a Chakra is blocked or open. A tingling sensation in your head can represent changes to your Crown Chakra. To learn more about your Chakras, reach out to your Guardian Angel! Would you like to know who your Protective Guardian Angel is?

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What causes tingle on the top of the head?

There exists a near-endless list of physical and non-physical signs that you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening. A tingle sensation is just one of many. Some of the more noticeable ones could be non-physical things like altering your belief systems, a feeling of oneness with the universe, feelings of deeper emotion (both happiness and sadness), a yearning to discover your true self.

This can happen with or without religion. One doesn’t even have to believe in a spirit, as a spiritual awakening could simply refer to a will to expand one’s mind and consciousness. More than anything it is an acceptance that there is always more to learn.

There are of course physical symptoms as well: a need to take care of your body either through exercise or what you eat, increased perception (such as hearing, sight, taste). Of course, there is the tingle on top of the head sensation felt on the head that we will explore momentarily.

The 7 Chakras

A tingle on top of the head can be the Crown Chakra opening symptoms. It could be right at the top or it could manifest slightly lower and be felt as forehead tingling. There is a crown chakra tingling meaning which we will explore further.

There are 7 main Chakras that you should be aware of. These are energy centers within the body that are aids in achieving a spiritual awakening. They are the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and finally, the crown chakra.

The Crown Chakra

Our focus will be on opening the Crown Chakra as this is where one would experience this previously described sensation: Either as a tingle on top of the head or as a tingle in the forehead. The crown chakra is at the top of the chakra ladder.

It is perhaps the chakra most associated with emotional issues but many see it as going beyond your ego. So issues to do with oneness with the universe or nature or finding a deeper peace within you. If that tingle on the top of your head is indeed crown chakra tingling, then it can feel slightly different to each person.

Crown Chakra Tingling

It could feel like pins and needs or like a mild static build-up. For others, it can be more intense: almost like someone driving needles into your skull. While it can feel like a tingle in the forehead, these are usually less extreme symptoms that those felt at the top.

The crown chakra tingling meaning could simply be a sign of a blocked chakra. However, it could also be one of the crown chakra opening symptoms. As the distinction is important, we will take a look at some of the other symptoms so that you can judge for yourself.

A symptom of an Opening Crown Chakra

So if the crown chakra tingling meaning is indeed one of the crown chakra opening symptoms then there are other signs to watch out for. Of course, there is the top of the head tingle sensation or the forehead tingling to watch out for.

The other symptoms are arguably less noticeable: many find themselves feeling alienated. This is due to the crown chakra’s connection to the universe. It is normal to feel like the crowd mentality and conformity don’t suit you anymore.

There can also be changes in both sleep patterns and eating habits. It could be the times you usually sleep that change or perhaps you require less sleep per night. In relation to food, your appetite may change or you could find yourself craving something in particular.

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Benefits of an Open Crown Chakra

If you haven’t felt any of the crown chakra opening symptoms, you can aid it along on its path. Similarly, if you’ve felt this psychic tingling sensation as a tingle on top of the head or as a tingle in the forehead then you can still use these techniques.

Opening your crown chakra is a simple enough process but is also one of high importance. If your crown chakra is blocked then you stop energy from flowing through from above. This not only limits the activity of your crown chakra but also stops this energy from passing through to the other 6 chakras.

Opening your Crown Chakra

You can complete affirmations as a form of meditation to start the process. These can be your own affirmations or ones you know already. For example: “I open and expand my crown chakra” or “I open my crown chakra to the universe”. Another option is to visualize your chakra opening.

The color violet represents the crown chakra. So start off by picturing a small, violet-colored ball either on top or inside your head. Gradually make this ball expand. Soon you’ll feel the energy begin to flow which signals the opening of this chakra.

What if it is not your Crown Chakra?

As with most aspects of spirituality, one answer does not always apply to everyone. While a tingling sensation on the top of your head is likely to be connected to your Crown Chakra in some form or another, it does not always indicate a Chakra blockage or opening/awakening.

This tingling feeling can be an indication of stagnant energy, likely related to the mental processes of the mind. If you are the type of person to over-analyze a situation or linger on memory, then this can suggest that you’re allowing your mind to create negative energy from negative thoughts.

Fear and anxiety are natural emotions, but when we allow them to control our thoughts, we quickly find ourselves struggling to escape the negative spiral. The best thing you can do is mindfulness: focus on the present, possibly through meditation, and allow your mind to take a break from living in the past or future.

Tingle on the top of the head  – Other details

There is a 3rd option. Due to the universal nature of the crown chakra, you can use inspiration as a sort of trigger. Think of someone who inspires you: perhaps a musician, an artist, an intellectual, or an inventor. Picture their work and the joy or wonder or good it could spread around the world.

Opening your crown chakra will continue you on your path to spiritual awakening. Regardless, make sure to keep all your chakras open and clear.

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You may find that as you complete these techniques that you begin to feel the psychic tingling sensation described earlier. If you don’t then don’t worry. There are a number of potential reasons for this. Remember to embrace the “tingle on top of head” sensations and not to be scared of them.

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