Giving the first step toward Happiness

giving the first step toward happiness

Doing generous deeds is a source of joy. So is being thanked. When you give, you feel useful. When you are thanked, you feel loved. What if experiencing such feelings were the key to serenity and happiness at the end of the day?  You could be thanked by being granted the guardian angel name able to help you in every kind of situation and receive angel messages to improve your life. Find Happiness and the joy of life, by giving the first step toward happiness! Discover it now!

Being happy and granted a guardian angel name

Give to be happy! Among the daily pieces of Spiritual Advice:  I regularly give about being happy, one of them of these is particularly dear to my heart and I want to develop it here: Great strides can’t be taken on the Path to Happiness without understanding that the source of true joy is to be found in interaction…

So, what could we achieve by giving the first step toward happiness, in this individualistic society not to become indifferent and to find real Happiness?

I suggest we think about it. I’ll share with you a list of generous deeds that I’m sure you will delight in developing further as life goes on.

Money, if you have some, could be a means to make people happy. But there are many other possibilities, which are totally free, to enrich your heart and spirit through giving.

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Giving the first step toward Happiness 101: How to be a bit happier each and every day…

Give yourself wholeheartedly to anyone who says hello and extends a hand with a smile on their face, even though their life in the street is made of suffering. Enjoy their “thank you”!

Say a “free” hello to this person who crosses your path when you go for a walk and whom you might never see again because they are part of your life, even if for a moment. Enjoy their answer!

Hold the door open and yield to others. Give up your seat in public transportation to an elderly or disabled person, a pregnant woman or a mother with her children. You will see how grateful they will be!

Listen to those who want to talk to you! They have something to tell you that is always important for the course of your life, whether what they say is fascinating or irritating. This is proof of trust. Be happy to be useful to them!

Never miss out on any opportunity to pay someone a compliment on their good-looking suit or on their new haircut. See how simple words make them happy!

The secret is to pay attention to!

Pay careful attention around you, have a “civic-minded” attitude: tell someone they left their headlights on or that they’ve just dropped their keys… It doesn’t cost anything and brings so much satisfaction!

Directing reproaches at someone when something is going wrong may be a means to help others improve. But you should not forget to give compliments when things are going well: in a restaurant because the service was excellent, at the Post Office because the clerk kindly gave you useful information…

… Every time you give, every time you make a generous deed, pay attention to the emotion you will feel at the very moment you do it: you will realize that your heart is filled with positive energies.

Being given a guardian angel name to help someone else

You can simply ask: ”Could this person be given their guardian angel name? ” or also: “ Can I ask her guardian angel to guide her?”

By wanting to give, you realize that you have received a thousand times more than what you gave. This is the meaning of life, the path that can lead you to Happiness.

If you do not know the guardian angel name dedicated to every kind of deed, run a search on the web to get the names of the 72 main angels and archangels.

Then, browse this angelic list and focus on the first guardian angel name appealing to you.

Finally, by giving the first step toward happiness, you should utter this guardian angel’s name aloud and he will provide you what you need or you are looking for.

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