Star Children and the Power of Positivity

Star Children

The concept of star children is one that has been prominent for several decades now. The term refers to a special group of people who are born into the physical world but retain properties and characteristics from the spiritual realm. We’ll explore this group of people, including the different sub-groups such as the indigo star child, and consider why they are here and the various star children characteristics that they often possess. So. let’s dive straight in and consider what star children are and why they’re here now.

Who are the Star Children?

As we already briefly touched upon, the term ‘star children’ refers to a special group of humans. They are also sometimes referred to ‘the new kids’ or ‘the new energy kids’, but despite the use of the term ‘children’ and ‘kids’, these people are likely adults now. These beings are sent to Earth to serve a divine purpose: raise the vibrational energy level of all humanity. This is something they’re only able to do due to the increasing spirituality that is sweeping across the Earth in the modern-day.

However, a star child can be separated into at least three sub-groups, each with a slightly different function and purpose. These three groups are indigo children, rainbow children, and crystal children. We’ll briefly explore each of these and the star children characteristics associated with them.



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Indigo Children

The indigo star child group was the first to begin arriving on Earth. Most people agree that this started happening towards the end of the 1970s and carried on through to the 80s and 90s. Indigo children are still being born into the world today, but they are no longer the most common form of star child being born.

Indigo children are the steppingstones between the old and the new. Where some people still hold onto outdated beliefs, systems of thought, and practices, the indigo children are here to guide them towards the new. Habits that were once considered healthy and beneficial need to be replaced by those that truly are healthy and beneficial.

The goal of indigo children is to lead humanity towards a unity of creation and cooperation. By realizing that we’re all connected, we can focus our attention on achieving the goals that benefit us all. In a sense, they are here to break down the barriers holding us in the past.

Some of the indigo star child characteristics include a desire to break rules that make little sense to them. They aren’t afraid to stand up to figures of authority, especially in the name of justice. These beings are creative, independent, proud, and easily bored. They will often spend time alone and enjoy isolation, especially when it gives them time to think. They are quick learners and have no problem prioritizing whatever they deem to be most important.

Crystal Children

Crystal children were the next group of star children to be born, typically in the 80s and 90s. In a similar way to the indigo children, crystal children are still being born today, but are less common than rainbow children. So, what is the role of this group? If you were to say that the indigo children came to Earth to break down barriers and clear the path for future growth, the crystal children are here to lay the foundations of the new. They are laying the spiritual road along which humanity can walk along.

This group of star child holds incredibly high vibrational energy levels, and their positive energy spreads to all those around them. They give humanity the boost it needs to begin taking those first important steps along its spiritual journey. They arrive on Earth with purpose and will spend even their younger years preparing to accomplish their goals. So, how can you spot a crystal child among the star children?

Crystal children are naturally drawn towards areas of natural positive energy. You will often find them eating healthily, either being a vegetarian or vegan, they spend a lot of time outdoors in nature, and they love animals, sometimes spending more time with them than humans.

It’s likely that such a child will collect crystals and precious stones from a young age. They are naturally empathetic beings and will be able to sense pain and discomfort within others, but they can become overwhelmed by large crowds and are often misdiagnosed as being autistic.

Rainbow Children

The last star child group that we’re going to explore are the rainbow children. It’s unclear when they first started appearing on Earth, but most have been born in the years following 2000.

With the indigo children breaking down the barriers, and the crystal children laying the foundations, the rainbow children arrive to push humanity the rest of the way. The previous groups have set the journey into motion, but the rainbow children are here to accelerate things.

Rainbow children are balanced being, who live lives of harmony. They possess equal levels of masculine and feminine energies and have grown up to completely trust themselves and their abilities. Most star children develop psychic and spiritual gifts, but only rainbow children have the natural confidence to follow these gifts to their true potential.

They are here to ensure that humanity keeps its karma in a neutral or positive state. As with the other star children, there are some signs you can watch out for to spot members of this group.

Rainbow children are naturally energetic, and their positivity is often the first thing you’ll notice about them. They are trusting, focused, fearless, creative, and strong-willed. You’ll always seem them wide-eyed, smiling, and energetic. This group can be quiet, and even introverted, but they also know how to express their wants and needs to others.

They keep their hearts open to the world, which is largely where their trusting nature comes from, and they love unconditionally, spreading that love out into the world. Rainbow children have a natural desire to help and heal, so don’t be surprised if you find them in a profession that allows them to do just that.

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