Divine Guidance of Your Imagination?

divine guidance

When you make a decision based on your instinct, how can you be so sure that it is not your imagination? How do you know for certain that whatever decisions you are about to make, is the right decision, i.e., the decision that is a result of Divine Guidance?

What you do, you want to make sure that the result positively impacts your life. But, how can you make sure of that? For that, you need to know the difference between imagination and Divine Guidance.

What is Divine Guidance?

Imagination only comes from your thoughts; however, angel guidance is linked to our four senses: sight, hearing, feeling, and thinking. Most often, it comes in the form of visions (sight). It is a message from God to you.

When you ask Him for help and assistance, He answers your prayers by sending your messages in various forms. Everyone can receive this guidance, and everyone has it within themselves.

Divine Guidance changes your life for the better and heals you of your sorrows and bad days. All the cures and solutions to your problems can be unlocked by this guidance, and you can set your mind free of any negativity that might have contaminated it.

However, your heart and mind need to be pure to receive such guidance because God does not reside in polluted hearts that want bad things for others. The sole purpose is to bring you closer to God and get yourself on the right path that leads to happiness; in this world, and the world after.

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Are angel numbers real?

It is a question of great importance to know whether angel numbers are real or not. The only way to find out is to test it yourself. When you see a number repeatedly, it is no coincidence. It is, believe it or not, a message from the angels who are trying to assist you in your life.

You need to focus on these numbers when you come across them and see the environment and surrounding you are in while they appear to you. Then, you need to analyze the possible reasons for you to have been seeing them repeatedly.

Once you make a connection, you will conclude why they have appeared to you; and surprisingly or not, they will be guiding you towards your betterment.

How to differentiate between the two?

Certain platforms can help you distinguish whether you receive Divine Guidance or whether it is just your imagination.

Involves feelings

Now, as ordinary as this sentence may sound, it is not. Feelings are an inevitable part of our lives. When you encounter such guidance, you feel soft, happy, and at peace.

If you were stressed, now you feel at ease; if you were distressed, now you feel less distressed; if you were sad, now you feel better. Thus, these feelings can’t be felt with the imagination that your thoughts deceive you off.

It gives you feelings of neutrality, and it feels as if everything approaches you on a freeway; nothing is being forced on you.

On the other hand, imagination messes with your mind and makes you indecisive. Imaginative thinking leads you to feelings of cold and panic. You feel forced to be doing what you are doing, and there is no sense of familiarity with it.

True Guidance involves hearing

When you hear something that leads to true guidance, you feel familiar with the voice, and you find yourself being pushed to do what is being asked. It feels right to do what is going on in your mind.

Slow, steady music is a form of hearing that depicts true guidance. It gives you feelings of communicating with God himself.

On the other hand, imaginative hearing is as ordinary as talking to yourself. There is nothing special about imaginative hearing.

Involves seeing

Divine guidance can come to you in dreams visitations or the form of angel numbers. Both are the most common ways in which true guidance can be achieved. However, imaginative sight can come in dreams, but you often seem to forget them.

This is the most obvious sign that can help you to recognize whether a dream is a dream of true guidance or imagination.

Angels are real

To believe in angels is as much of a blessing as you can think of because if you do not believe in them, they can’t help you. God needs someone to do his chores since He alone can’t take care of the whole world.

Thus, he appointed angels as his workers to carry on work for Him. The Divine Guidance we get is also through angels. The angels are responsible to help us and guide us, so we do not get astray.

You need to have a pure heart and mind to enable these angels to help assist you in making decisions about your life. If you ask for help with bad intent, wanting to hurt someone, or wanting their bad, your prayers will never be answered.

Angels exist to carry God’s messages and to provide Divine Guidance to humans. Without them, we would never receive any help from the Divine, and thus, we would be lost in a world full of deceivers and cheaters.

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