7 Signs of Having dreams of Past Life

dreams of past life

We have all had past lives that we either do not remember at all or remember partially. Having dreams of past life is a very common thing, but often do not realize that we have dreamt about a past life. There are differences between past life dreams and dreams of this life. But, you need to know how to differentiate between the two if you want to know which ones are the dreams of past lives and which one belongs to the current life you are living. 

Did you have a past life dream?

We look at the past life dreams in detail, so you know how to differentiate between the two. Memories are a major chunk of your life. They can come in any way. Mostly you experience remembering these memories while you are awake. But, you can also witness them while you are sleeping; in the form of dreams. Having unbelievable dreams are usually related_posts to your past life or lives.

Remembering past lives in dreams is a very common way of acknowledging the fact that you had a past life. When you are sleeping, your subconscious mind helps you remember the experiences you had in your past life, to guide you mostly. It acts as a good guidance for the current life, as the experiences help you learn and not repeat the same mistakes.

Subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is the one that is more connected with the spiritual realm. Thus, while asleep, your conscious mind takes a break, and the subconscious mind takes control. If you ever go to sleep in a bad mood and wake up feeling good about everything, it is due to the subconscious mind which gave you a break from the everyday mishaps and tensions.

7 signs that you had dreams of past life

There are always ways to differentiate between 2 things. Here, we look at the 7 major signs that will help you differentiate between your current life dreams and the dreams of past life.

You’ll see things related_posts to history

When you see dreams about the current life, you will see the people, things, and places that you have seen already; hence are familiar to you. But, dreams of past life will involve a completely different era. The people, the way they talk, the way they dress, the places, everything will seem unfamiliar and historical to you.

You act and look different from who you are

In dreams about past lives, you see yourself as a completely different person. Normally, in these kinds of dreams, you are someone else and hence are seeing the dream from someone else’s eye. This is a very common sign of past life dreams. You may be a different gender, may belong to a different religion, etc.

Not only physical and religious reasons, but the way you behave, and act is also very unusual. It’s almost like you can’t recognize yourself as who you are.

No changes in the dreams

Dreams of past lives do not have shifts in scenes. In regular dreams, you must have noticed how scenes keep shifting. But in dreams about past life, there is no change in scenes and the whole dream takes place in just one go. The events that take place make sense and are logical.

Everything seems to connect with the other, and it feels as if nothing is in your control. It’s because you do not create that dream, it has happened before. Therefore, the flow of events all makes perfect sense.

Your weird behavior makes sense

We all believe in certain superstitions that do not make sense, and we all have some actions that don’t seem to match our personality either. These are explained by the events that have taken place in our past lives. Thus, in dreams of past life, we seem to be acting in odd ways and believing in the superstitious things.

The past life influences your behavior and actions, and you dreaming about a past life justifies it.

Your emotions and physical health is indicated

You might have some unusual injuries that can’t be explained. In your past life dreams, you might know why it is like that. For example, if you have arthritis in just one elbow, and not in the other or any other joints… it can be explained by an injury you might have had in a past life. The indication will be given in dreams about past lives.

You have a bad temper can also be explained by some event that might have taken place in your past life.

Spiritual issues are resolved

Do you ever feel that something is missing in your life? Everything witnesses trauma in their lives, but the fact that your life seems incomplete may be linked to a past life. It may be of a karmic nature or due to unhealed issues that you had experienced in your past life. The indication will be given in a dream about a past life, and you will know when you see it.

You will always feel different after you wake up

After having a dream of past life, when you wake up, you will always feel a different kind of energy which will indicate that you had an irregular dream. Your whole body will indicate the fact that the dream was not regular, and something feels different.

Past life dreams reveal a lot of information that we could not otherwise get. To understand life events that do not make sense and actions that do not fit with your personality, you need to know how to differentiate between regular and irregular dreams!

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