Déjà vu meaning – Discover more about it and its definition

déjà vu meaning

Déjà vu meaning is something that you sure you have heard of before. Many times, in our life we come across people who use this term but, did you ever think about what it means? Or do you have any idea about the meaning associated with the term?

Is it something that the angels are signaling you about, or is it just something in your mind? It is a very common term to be used in the modern-day by a lot of people. If you do not know what it is and what it means, it is time for you to find out…

What Is Déjà vu?

So, what is Déjà vu meaning? Basically, Déjà vu meaning is associated with the feeling you get by doing something that you have already done in the past. For example, if you go hiking to see the sunset, you will experience a gush of feelings that you will carry with you as a memory.

So, the next time you go hiking again, even in a different place, you will experience the same feeling. The feeling you get at that time is termed as déjà vu.

Another very famous phrase used with the term “Déjà vu” is “Been there, done that”. You must have come across this a lot if not Déjà vu. The déjà vu definition in English is “been there, done that”. It is just like saying… whatever you are experiencing currently, you have experienced before as well.

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Déjà vu Meaning

Originated from the French language, the Deja vu meaning is simply “Already seen”. It is very accurate because you have had a similar experience in your past. Thus, saying déjà vu just confirms the fact that you have has a similar feeling and experience before.

Sometimes, you might not even be aware of the situation you are in. Has it ever happened to you that you feel as if you are doing something for the first time but, in your mind, you know that you have experienced it before? That is the moment of déjà vu that you are experiencing.

It happens not only in teenagers but, also in adults and old folks. There is no time for you to experience a moment of déjà vu as it does not have a set time. It is wholly dependent on your past experiences and what you currently do with your life.

Deja vu can be triggered not only by memory, but also by thought, sound, taste, smell, touch, or even your sixth sense! For example, hearing a familiar voice can make you go through a moment of deja vu!

What is the Purpose of Déjà vu?

Serving as a marker between your current life and your past life, déjà vu can signal many things. Some of them have been mentioned here:

  • Repeating an action from a past life is triggered
  • Whatever you are currently doing, you have done it before
  • You are in the right company, at the right time and the right place
  • Your spirit guides and angels have got your back. Thus, you do not need to feel alone

To interpret the déjà vu meaning is your responsibility. However, you can always get the help, guidance, and assistance of the angels to better understand what déjà vu means. To get the help of angels, all you need to do is make a prayer with a good heart and a pure intention.

Experiencing déjà vu is a learning opportunity for you, and you should not waste it. To connect with your higher consciousness, déjà vu is a gateway that is very effective and efficient at the same time.

You learn from your past as people learn from history. Thus, the angels and spirit guides want you to learn from your experience that is why you experience the phenomenon of déjà vu. The angels have chosen this path for you, and you are to lead it in the right way with their help, guidance, and assistance.

What If You Have Never Experienced Déjà vu?

It is possible that you might not have come across any moment of déjà vu in your life. It is not a bad thing. However, it is just the way the angels have your life worked out. It certainly does not mean that you have not had past lives before.

It is merely just that angels have chosen some different form of the marker in your journey of life here on Earth. You need to put your complete trust and faith in the angels if you want to succeed in living a life according to the wishes of the Divine.

Even if you have not come across any moment of déjà vu, knowing the déjà vu meaning is important, so you know what it means when other people refer to it.

If not for déjà vu, you would have experienced moments where your mind would feel excited and go something like “A-ha”. That is also a different form of déjà vu, if not exactly that.

Being on the right spiritual path, you do not need the help of moments of déjà vu. You can do well without them. Knowing that the angels are there to help you whenever you need them is the utmost important thing for you to do. Gateway to happiness is through prayers to angels.

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