Labradorite Stone Guide


Finding the right stone or gem to suit your needs can be a challenging task at times. There are so many out there, each with its own range of meanings and uses. In this article, we will aim to provide you will all the information you may need for just one of these stones: Labradorite. We will, of course, explore the stone itself, where it gets its name and the varying meanings and uses of the stone. This will include looking at how you can use this gem to heal your Aura and to improve the energy flow through unblocking your Chakras.

Labradorite – The gem does go by a range of other names though, including Rainbow Moonstone and Spectrolite. This is due to the stone’s bizarre color and appearance. At first glance, it may almost seem black in color but on closer inspection, it displays a range of blues, greens, purples, browns, golds and silvers. This is known as labradorization or labradorescence and is the effect whereby submicroscopic planes that are oriented in one direction reflect the light. This is, of course, a little different from the Labradorite crystal meaning.

Labradorite Crystal Meanings

You’re probably wondering about the Labradorite meaning. Well for starters, it doesn’t get its name from the dog breed. In fact, it is named after the location where it was first discovered: Labrador in Canada.

The Labradorite meaning beyond the name is one of transformation. This is something that is reflected in the stone itself (quite literally). Many believe that the stone’s own transformational capabilities are indicative of its ability to aid us in our transformations. Through the powers of this stone, one can essentially leave behind any aspects of oneself that isn’t beneficial and instead move onto a new version of oneself which only includes healthier aspects of the mind, body and soul. Of course, this does require some active effort. Now we will take a look at just how you may choose to go about doing this.

Labradorite Metaphysical Properties

There are some people who merge the idea of the metaphysical with the idea of something being magical. The Labradorite magical properties are in essence the same as the metaphysical properties. Whether you view it as magical or metaphysical is for each person to decide for themselves. As we’ve already discussed, the main role of this gem is to encourage change within ourselves. There are some simple ways we can do that: we can heal our Aura or unblock our Chakras using this stone and/or we can meditate using the gem to better explore which changes we may need to make.

Chakra Cleansing

The Labradorite properties make it an excellent tool for cleansing your Chakras. There are some general signs you can look out for that warn of a blocked Chakra. It could be that you feel like you have no energy, sleep may be difficult for you to achieve, your ability to concentrate may be hindered, you may feel like being alone or isolated, or you may simply lack motivation. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms then you can carry out a Labradorite Chakra cleanse. This is a simple enough process that we will explore now.

If you feel like a certain Chakra is blocked then you can hold the stone to that area. If you need some guidance on the matter, then take some time to meditate in order to feel which Chakra is blocked. Alternatively, you can reach out to your angels and ask for their guidance on the matter. The next step is visualization: picture the various colors of the gem flowing from the stone and into your body. Feel it travel through all of your Chakras and then visualize a bubble forming around your body. This will allow the stone to heal your Aura as well. You should feel when the task is completed. Of course, this is only one of the Labradorite benefits.


Another of the Labradorite uses is jewelry. By doing something as simple as wearing jewelry that contains Labradorite, you are in fact allowing your mind, body and soul to slowly but surely absorb energy from the stone throughout the day. This process doesn’t require any active effort on your part beyond recharging the stone whenever you feel like its energy has become drained. Keeping the stone clean is a great way to maintain its energy level and avoid any rapid drops in energy.

You may perhaps be wondering if the Labradorite necklace meaning is any different from the Labradorite pendant meaning. The short answer is no, there is no real difference. If the Labradorite was interacting with a specific Chakra then there may be a difference but as it provides and overall energy to all your Chakras and your Aura, you don’t need to worry about the positioning.

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