Breaking through Strongholds – Know the secrets

Breaking Strongholds

Have you found yourself wondering about your faith? Are you feeling lost most of the time? Don’t think that you’re the only one and don’t you think that you are wrong, thus the reason for breaking strongholds!

There are a lot of complications when trying to connect oneself to the Almighty. Even when you’re praying, you have this sensation that somehow, your physical presence and activity are not connected with the spiritual realm of God?

Spiritual Strongholds

After all, you would have to be pure and perfect to get yourself in the good graces of God. Now, being pure is not something that can be done in a day, it takes a lot of time.

And it involves a process that aims to get the person to not only know themselves better but know their inner soul. The connection is disrupted when there are blockades that halt the communication between the soul and the mind.

These blockages are also sometimes known as Spiritual Strongholds. Stronghold’s definition has been taken to be a problem with faith. Stronghold’s definition has also been taken to be a problem of the soul.

When in fact, strongholds exist in ourselves. Our faith and connection with God are affected by it. There have been many interpretations of the Bible to derive the stronghold meaning. A lot of saints think it’s worked upon by praying.

Breaking strongholds requires a lot of self-exploring to be precise. Here are a few things to know if you want to be tearing down strongholds.

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You are the battle; the battle is for you

Knowing the battlefield is the most important task when in war. In Spiritual warfare, breaking strongholds is done by knowing where the strongholds are.

Knowledge of the wrongs

Breaking Strongholds requires you to be incomplete knowledge of the wrongs inside you. Keep in mind that the Bible always tells us that the real enemy is within.

Jesus wasn’t wrong, because the real problems within society emerge from within our hearts. When it is evil in ourselves, there will be evil that we breed, and breaking strongholds would be one of the first steps we could take to restore our faiths.

Your inner desires that you know are anything but saintly, and infatuations and addictions all comprise the stronghold meaning if we look at them objectively.

Strongholds often have a lot of power over us and therefore, tearing down strongholds requires resolute faith and a complete understanding of what’s right.

Lack of Faith

When saints say your lack of faith is getting in the way of you and God, they aren’t wrong. Breaking strongholds can be helpful.

In fact, it is almost always the case that human beings, sinful as they come, are always in doubt of whether the deeds they are doing are even being watched.

The question is not whether you are an atheist. It’s about how much you believe in the word of God. When Jesus came to us and told us that all power and authority was his.

How many of us have actual faith that we are on the winning side? Spiritual strongholds inside all of us are acting continuously towards preventing the establishment of a serious connection.

Not between God and you, nothing can stop that but you. Therefore, these strongholds are created by our sinful selves to disrupt the connection. Don’t give in!

Remember what you read

This doesn’t mean memorizing the bible. Not everyone can do that, and not everyone is asked to. You need to remember the teachings of the Holy Book.

The Holy Book has advised us on breaking strongholds that exist within our minds. Our limitations and restrictions are not bestowed upon us by God. He wouldn’t do that to His children. It is ourselves that need understanding.

When you’re breaking strongholds, you will be more careful about what you think and say, because the Bible has taught us at various points how a person’s words are important and he is as he thinks.

Our spiritual blockades are ruining our lives, and we don’t even know it. Breaking strongholds might be the only way to save ourselves not only in this life but the next too.

Let God’s magic help you attain success in your work for spiritual development.

Breaking Strongholds – Don’t just read it, Live It!

Being righteous is not for the ancient, it’s not just for the present, and it surely won’t just be for the future. The way is for all that are, were, and it will be.

So, why is there a problem with humanity these days? There’s so much wrong because we haven’t been breaking strongholds and achieving a higher understanding of our problems and sins. We are not in synchronicity with ourselves!

When was the last time you spoke your faith out loud? Breaking strongholds required you to be completely honest and devoted towards yourself, and God. You need not hesitate when speaking or thinking of God.

In fact, do so every time you feel angry, anxious, fearful, or jealous. Because getting these evils out and about is the first step towards breaking strongholds and achieving the level of faith that puts you closer to God.


The devil is always up and about trying to create difficulties for those with faith to be breaking strongholds. Don’t let the devil divide you and God.

The Bible has told us at various points when we are reading it that if you stand close to God when facing a battle, the battle will not need to be fought by you.  God will fight the battle for you.

That is one of the fantastic perks faith can give you and if you are completely devoted, and only if you are entirely devoted will you understand and feel the sense of completion and nearness to God.

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