Root Chakra Healing – Signs your Root Chakra needs cleansed and several techniques on how to do it.

root chakra healing

With the rush of today’s world, we can often forget to take the time of balancing our chakras. In this article, we will be focusing solely on the first of these: the root chakra and root chakra healing.

If you’re new to chakras then not to worry, this article will explore the root chakra in-depth, its purpose, and function. We’ll then look at balancing root chakra healing and energy through root chakra exercise.

So by the end of this article, you should be well equipped and knowledgeable in how to heal the root chakra.

The Root Chakra

The root chakra is known by several names including the base chakra and the first chakra. This is where we get the term first chakra healing concerning root chakra healing. Root chakra cleansing is vitally important, as it is the first chakra to receive the Earth’s energy.

If this chakra is blocked then energy flow will be halted at the first stop. You see our chakras are essentially energy hubs. As energy flows from one hub to the next, it can’t pass a hub if that hub is blocked.

To keep the energy flowing naturally, each hub needs to be clear but some hubs play a more vital role than others. The first chakra has many functions beyond simply being the first to receive Earthly energy.

It has several behavioral functions such as keeping us grounded. This applies in two different ways: keeping us grounded in terms of our energy intake but also keep us grounded in an attempt to stop our head from being in the clouds too often.

It also plays a role in our feelings of being safe and secure.

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Finally, there is a degree of individuality that flows from this chakra. Without it, we can lose grasp of the self, essentially causing us to feel like our identity doesn’t match who we are.

Signs you need Root Chakra Healing

While the 12 Charkas are often seen as a spiritual energy, that doesn’t mean they can’t interact with you on a physical or emotional level. This is particularly true when a chakra is unbalanced. It can be hard to know exactly what to look out for but usually, there are some telltale signs.

We often retreat to a more materialistic version of ourselves, which leads us to put things like money or possessions above all else, even just temporarily. Spiritual habits we’d recently put into place will feel unnecessary and you’ll begin telling yourself that it won’t matter if you miss a day or two.

Other non-physical symptoms can include an inability to control emotions such as anger. You feel impatient and short-tempered a lot of the time.

There are also physical symptoms you need to keep an eye out for. If too many of these pop up then you know that healing root chakra flow is the best way to alleviate yourself these symptoms.

Most of the physical symptoms will form in the area where the root chakra is located: the base of the spine. You may find that the end of your intestinal tract becomes irritated in some form, which could lead to bowel movement issues or potentially bladder problems.

In general, you will feel a lack of energy. This can vary from person to person: some people will still manage to function normally, all but feeling drained afterward, whereas some people won’t make it out of bed.

Healing the Root Chakra

Root chakra healing is a fairly straightforward task but there are a variety of ways you can choose to tackle it, like a Chakra Cleansing.

Some of these methods can be used for bringing balance to any/all of your chakras but some are specific to the root chakra, which can be beneficial in instances of extreme blockage.

Meditation, Prayer, and Affirmations

Each of these techniques can be used on its own but personally, I find that combining all three is the most effective technique for root chakra healing. The affirmations can be used as a form of Mantra that you repeat over and over again.

Not only does this help focus your mind to aid in reaching a higher meditative state, but it also focuses your energies on the task at hand.

You can use something simple like “I will cleanse my root chakra” or “I direct my energy to root chakra cleansing”. Pick something short, sweet, and to the point and you can’t go wrong.

Once you’ve reached your meditative state through the use of your affirmations, you can reach out to your angels. There isn’t a chakra angel as such so reach out either to your spirit guide, your angels, or even an Archangel.

Whether you ask for guidance or to aid in the clearing of your chakra is up to you. One useful approach is to simply reach out to them and see what happens. You may find that alone will bring your chakra back into balance.

Sometimes further steps need to be taken for root chakra healing to work so if your angels don’t provide all the answers you need, then that in itself is an answer.

Mother Earth

Two of the most natural and plentiful sources of energy and often forgotten about: the sun and the Earth. Ask yourself: when was the last time you just went out and explored nature?

In the modern world, we spend more time under artificial light than natural light or raised high up away from the ground. It’s no wonder that energy blockages are such a common occurrence when we don’t allow ourselves the time to feel the flow of natural energy.

Find a day where you can leave your city or town and journey out into nature. Even if you walk up a forest path or swim in a river, you’ll return home feeling purer.

You might not even be able to place your finger on it but you’ll just feel as if you’re lighter and more energetic. That will be due to not only the root chakra healing has taken place but also having your positive energy replenished by the sun and Earth.

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