Angel Meditation – Your guide to contact the Angels via meditation

angel meditation

There are so many different forms of meditation that it can often be difficult to keep track of them all. In this article, we will be looking at angel meditation. This is known by many different terms including angel-guided meditation, guided angel meditations, and a meditating angel prayer.

Often this can have two different styles: it can be used as a form of meditation to aid in contacting angels or it can be a form of guided meditation where your angels lead the way. We will explore both within this article.

First Steps to Angel meditation

Regardless of whether you’re simply trying to use meditation as a platform through which to communicate with your angels or whether you hope an angel guides meditation on your behalf, you use the same preparations and start the process off in the same way.

You want to have your own space that is completely free from distractions and interruptions. If you can hear traffic or voices that are completely fine, you will learn to focus on these sounds to aid in your meditative ability.

Noises you want to avoid are sudden and loud such as someone playing drum kit or construction crews knocking down a building. Dim the lights or turn them off completely and light some candles. Whichever feels most relaxed to you is the one to choose from.

Get into a comfortable position and begin to take some deep, slow breaths. As you can see, you start angel meditation in the exact same way you would any other form of meditation. It is the steps that follow that are slightly different.

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Guided Angel Meditations

As was mentioned earlier, angel meditation can be viewed in two slightly different ways. The first we’ll look at is the idea of using a meditating angel prayer (of sorts) in order to better contact your angels.

Meditating and praying are very similar processes and by combining them, you can enhance your energy vibrations to a higher state, which allows for easier communications with higher beings.

You want to let your mind go mostly blank with only the thought of reaching out to your angels remaining. If you have a specific angel in mind or a specific question then keep that on the edges of your awareness as you delve deeper into your meditative state.

You should find that by communicating with your angels in this manner, you open up a new line of communication. You may find here who is my guardian angel.

Praying is sort of one-directional in that you often have to wait for a response but by using meditation to heighten your abilities, you can often receive answers in a more timely fashion.

Angel Guided Meditation

The other form of angel meditation we mentioned is having angels guide your meditation for you. When an angel guides meditation, it tends to be a very subtle task.

Often it can feel like you yourself are controlling the direction your meditation goes in but that is untrue under these circumstances. Don’t get confused by this explanation.


The angels you communicate with and those who guide your meditation are the same angels you would usually communicate with.

There aren’t special meditation angels and you shouldn’t view it as being the same as an angel meditating alongside you. Think of it more like when a Sat-Nav gives you new directions in order to avoid traffic.

The angel meditation message you receive from such a practice can vary in meaning. You may find that your angels guided you to exactly the place you thought they might or it could be the opposite.

The best thing you can do is trust in them but also in yourself. If you can’t trust your instincts then you’ll find it difficult to allow your mind and spirit to walk down the path your angels are guiding them down.

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