Spiritual Healer – 16 Signs You Are a Spiritual Healer

spiritual healer

 Can anyone be a Spiritual Healer? When you get hurt, you use a bandage to cover the spot which may be bleeding. In short, you try to heal yourself. When you are sad, people try to cheer you up so that you can be emotionally healed. Healing takes many different forms.

Healing does not necessarily have to be done physically; you can also heal yourself and others spiritually – known as spiritual healing. But, how can you be spiritually healed? Does everyone have the ability to spiritually heal themselves or others?

What is Spiritual Healing?

Healing requires something to be broken at first. If you have something broken, or something that needs amendment, then you can heal it. Spiritual healing is a process where transformation takes place.

It connects the body, mind, and heart so that the soul can be set free. To gain access to spiritual healing, there is a spiritual healer for this task. A spiritual healer is a person who can help himself, others, and he can also help the planet align in a way that the Divine truth is revealed.

Healing is not only concerned with diseases that need to be cured or illnesses that need to be cured… healing has a great path that needs to be followed to be blessed with the Divine light. Spiritual healers make that path easier for you.

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Signs That You Are a Spiritual Healer

A spiritual healer is gifted by the Divine abilities that not everyone has. These healers know what powers they have and their senses, when awakened, provoke them to help the people on Earth with the gifts they have.

Here are 16 signs that will help you decide whether you are a spiritual healer or not:

  • You have the family history of healing wounded people. It might be in the form of therapists, nurses, counselors, psychologists, doctors, botanists, teachers, or anyone who can the ability and the capability to help another. The family history depicts that you have it in you as well. It might not be prominent at the moment, but it eventually will show up as you grow.
  • Your life has been hard, and you have struggled a lot. Here, it is not a bad thing. Not because you learned a lot, but because by going through so many hardships, you now can help others in the same struggles. For example, if you have been through a time where a loved one passed away… when you come across someone else who is going through the same thing, you will know how to comfort them as you know how they feel.
  • Your aura can affect others who are in your surroundings. Your presence has the effect of calming people, and the energy you possess is infectious.
  • You have been gifted with the ability to read other people’s thoughts. People who are around you, you get influenced by their mood. You can know what people are thinking; even though they do not tell you.
  • You have psychic dreams which reveal a future event that is to happen, or information about future events that are yet to take place.
  • Your consciousness keeps shifting which helps you in building new perspectives. Thus, you can help people develop new perspectives as well. This is very helpful because you can help people change their negative perspectives into positive perspectives.
  • Being outdoors in places where there is a lot of greenery and wildlife, makes you happy. Nature is your THING… it gives you peace of mind and a comforting feeling at the same time.
  • Being alone is something you want to do as in large gatherings, you tend to be an introvert. Due to so many energies in the gathering, you get confused and tend to lose your mind.
  • You are a gifted helper and giver. You have a strong urge to put others at ease by helping them. You can’t stand another person’s suffering. If you see someone who is hurt, sad, depressed, or going through a tough time, you will do your level best to make sure to help them get out of that zone.
  • Children and animals have a tendency to get attracted to you. They behave differently around you than they do around others. They might even prefer being with you all the time if they were given the option.
  • People tend to trust you, even if they do not know you. For example, you may have come across times where random people came up to you and told you their whole life story. Telling you will put them at ease.
  • You are very empathetic towards people, and you have a lot of compassion in your heart. You get hurt if you see someone else get hurt, you feel pain when someone else is in pain, and all you want to do is help them.
  • Regular indigestion, headaches, and tinkly palms and feet are a very common thing for you to experience.
  • You can find solutions to problems that normal people can’t find.
  • Sensing things that others can’t, is a common trait of yours that only a spiritual healer
  • You are excited about the fact that you are a spiritual healer. You have been interested in knowing about healers and how they work.

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