Mercury Retrograde Meaning – Learn how it works!

mercury retrograde meaning

Ever heard about Mercury retrograde? Or heard anyone talking about it? It is very unlikely as you do not seem to use this word a lot as it sounds very technical. However, it is not in reality. When you feel as if your life is turning upside down or going in the complete opposite direction of how you want it to be, that is the Mercury retrograde meaning.

Meaning of Mercury Retrograde

It is known that people say that you should stay indoors when there is a Mercury retrograde; traveling, talking to new people, or making important decisions is not recommended either. However, there is not much truth in this or any proof to prove that avoiding any of these is of any help.

The Mercury retrograde meaning is associated with the planetary movements of the different planets in the galaxy. Mercury is the planet that orbits around the sun just like the Earth does. However, Mercury orbits at a rate faster than that of Earth. As both the planets orbit around the sun, Mercury catches up Earth and passes the Earth on the orbit around the sun.

When Mercury is known to pass the Earth, it is recorded to slow down in speed and stop at a certain point before it starts to orbit backward. When this backward movement begins, it is known as the retrograde period. Thus, that is the Mercury retrograde meaning.

In reality, it is not moving backward, it’s more like an optical illusion from Mercury’s end. This happens 3 times in a year when the pass is made, and from the Earth, Mercury seems to be moving backward.

Is the Mercury Retrograde Meaning bad?

Mercury Spiritual meaning is associated with communication mishaps, technological changes, lost keys, delays in scheduled activities, electronic failures, etc. The list is never-ending and is linked to anything that has an opposite turnover to what you expected. A turnover of events is associated with the Mercury retrograde meaning.

Things are known to go wrong during the retrograde period. However, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are co-creating the experiences of your life during this period. Thus, if you focus on the negative outlook of this period, then you will very likely be extracting the Mercury retrograde meaning that you were not supposed to.

You might be surprised to know that there are positive effects of the Mercury retrograde. It is effortless to look at the challenges while avoiding the opportunities that are available to the naked eye. The unique energy of the retrograde periods can be used to energize your body.

The Positive Side of the Mercury Retrograde

Work is needed to get to achieve the positive effects of something; anything. The Mercury retrograde can open up your eyes to what was previously not seeable by you.

It is a perfect time for you to review what you have been working on, finish off unfinished projects, and find ways to make your current work better if it can be done. Mercury retrograde positive effects are not limited if you look deep into them. The positive effects are nothing less than miracles if you realize their abilities.

You might not be able to see the positive effects yourself so, you might need the help of another person’s perspective to help you realize them. Or better still, you can ask for help from the Angels through prayers. This way you will be sure of the effectiveness of the effects.

Communication and the Mercury retrograde

It is known for people to stay unconnected to the world during the time of Mercury retrograde. However, it does not have any significance. It is said that you should limit your communication channels, but any worth accepting proof has not been displayed as yet.

Although communication might be riskier when important decisions are in play, it does not destroy the effectiveness.

If you are looking to mend the conflicts you have had in the past, looking to clear miscommunications, or working towards clearing Karma, it is a very good time to do so. You also have access to change your communication ways and methods very effectively during the retrograde periods.

Mercury retrograde meaning wants you to trust your intuition and make your decisions rather than depending on anyone else.

Archangels and the Mercury Retrograde

You have the option to call upon Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Raphael during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is associated with Archangel Raphael during the retrograde. Thus, if you are looking for any angel to come to your assistance, Raphael is the one to call upon if you want effective and efficient acceptance of your prayers. Travelling is one area that the Mercury retrograde complicates. Thus, Archangel Raphael is known for having been of great assistance for travel related_posts problems during the retrograde. Any help or assistance needed, do not hesitate to call upon Raphael.

Gemini is what Archangel Gabriel is associated with. He is also known as the archangel of communication. To keep your communication channels clear and free from blockages, you are to call upon Archangel Gabriel who will help, guide, and assist you through the Mercury retrograde period. Technological related_posts changes that you might be entitled to face during this period can also be sorted out by making small prayers to archangel Gabriel who can take care of such changes.

Energy gets drained

You are entitled to lose a lot of energy and feel drained and tired. Thus, the perfect remedy for this is to call upon an angel, even your Guardian Angel, at this time who will bless you with their love and light to reenergize you and giving you the energy to carry on with the process while balancing the rest of the elements at the same time.

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