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Words of Wisdom


“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” William Shakespeare, writer and poet True Love is not loving with your eyes, but with the eyes of your mind. This is what this poet meant to say. In fact, you should not expect to see external signs of someone’s love for you. They might […]

Damabiah, the angel that vivifies all things


Damabiah shelters us from negative emotions and leads us to the joy provided by the intelligence of the heart. Who is Damabiah? Damabiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between February 10 and February 14. Damabiah rules over intuition and sensitivity, over magic and the knowledge of subtle plans. It is said that invoking […]

The art of eating well


Do you tend to eat your meals at lightning speed while you do something else? For instance, while you watch television or your smartphone? As you can imagine, such an attitude is not really a relaxing one… What if you learned to change it? Saliva, your ally to reach well-being When talking about eating habits, […]

Magical Formula of the Himalayas


Mantras are sacred sentences. The word comes from the Sanskrit verb “man”, which means “to think”, and “trana”, which means “protection”. Endowed with spiritual power, mantras are magic formulas you can recite on a daily basis. Mantra of Unlimited Fortune This formula will help you to quickly transform your greatest dreams into a brilliant reality. […]