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Azurite and How to Use the Stone for Healing


In a world full of crystals of all kinds of colors and shapes and qualities, Azurite is known for its striking appearance. It is mostly found in a blue shade which is one of its kinds. This blue stone has developed over time through many chemical reactions between copper, hydrogen, and oxygen. Azurite stone is also […]

Exploring the 7 Planes of Existence

Planes of Existence

What are the seven planes of existence? That’s a complicated question to answer and depending on who you ask, you may get a wide range of different answers. In this article, we’re going to attempt to simplify all 7 of the planes so that you can get a clear picture of what each is responsible […]

Ramiel: The Angel of Thunder


You’re probably familiar with some of the more commonly mentioned angels such as Gabriel or Michael, but have you ever heard of Ramiel? In this article, we’re going to take some time to look at this lesser-known angel who goes by many titles: Archangel Ramiel, Guardian Angel Ramiel, and Ramiel Angel of Thunder. You may also […]

Bloodstone – The Myths Unraveled


If you’re going through the darkest days of your life won’t you be willing to do whatever it takes to turn your life around? Well, you don’t have to anything out of the way. Just bring a little bit of bloodstone in your life, and it will make your life better. You must be wondering […]

Blue Lace Agate and What It All Means

Blue lace agate

There are a lot of things in life that often bring us down, for example, an argument at work, or fall out with your friend or relatives drifting apart. We often feel lonely like no one truly understands us. We long to go back to the good days of our life filled with happiness and hope. […]

Fallen in life? Bronzite is your savior


As evident from the name, bronzite is a warrior stone that stands for confidence, courage, and strength. We’re faced with challenges in our life all the time. There are moments that we feel lost and helplessly unable to go on. Sometimes it’s the choices that confused us, and sometimes we lack the conviction to stand […]

Understanding the Hawk Symbolism of Spirit Animals

Hawk Symbolism

Spirit animals, also known as totems, can come in a wide range of forms. In order to understand the purpose of a spirit animal’s appearance, we should take their form into consideration and explore what this may mean for us. In this article, we are going to focus on one type of totem in particular […]

Celestite Is Your Shield against the World


The spiritual journey is a special one that only some of us get to embark upon. The journey is filled with difficulties and challenges. It can’t be completed without the assistance of our guardian angels. While this might seem absurd at first, angels are watching over us. If we can connect to them, they bestow […]