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1001 angelical secrets to share

Nemamiah, Praiseworthy God


Nemamiah represents Higher Intelligence, the one that is equally made up of intuition and rationality. Who is Nemamiah? Nemamiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between January 1st and January 5th. Nemamiah dominates everything aimed at annihilating mediocrity and exalting the wealth of your soul. He encourages freedom and the freeing of chains, the […]

Katakamukha, the mudra of reward


Protection, serenity, wisdom… all this is literally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge. Discover the secret science of Mudras (ritual gestures using a hand developed over the centuries by the Greatest Yogis! Katakamukha, a protective mudra It is translated by “opening a bracelet”. Meaning: collecting flowers. Ritual: Perform this gesture on a waxing-moon night […]

Nith Haiah, the angel who Wisely gives away


Nith-Haiah is the Bearer of Wisdom, the divine wisdom he is empowered to offer men so that they may share it in a harmonious union. Who is Nith Haiah? Nith Haiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between July 23 and July 27. He brings the teaching that heals ignorance and leads both to […]

The wisdom of the breath


Breathing is absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. That is what we do every second, without even thinking about it. But, beyond this vital function, breathing has a mystical meaning… Repel negative energies One of my old friends, a Chinese Taoist, used to tell me that it was possible – and even very easy – […]