Rainbow children: What Are They?

Rainbow Children

Initially, this topic can seem a little confusing. Don’t worry if you’re asking yourself: what is a Rainbow child and what are Rainbow children? In this article, we are going to explore everything you could possibly need to know. We’ll start off by looking at the concept of star children (and the different types of star child) before exploring how this relates to a Rainbow child. We’ll also take a look at some of the signs of a Rainbow child by exploring the more common Rainbow children characteristics. So let’s dive right in!

Star Children

In order to fully understand the concept of Rainbow children, we have to take a step back to explore the idea of star children. Angel, rainbow, children, stars…these probably aren’t words that you usually find in the same sentence.

There’s no simple explanation for what exactly a star child is, suffice to say that they are souls or beings that have been sent to Earth, in this time period, with a mission that goes above the human level of understanding. Don’t worry, they aren’t aliens and they aren’t angels (that we know of) but they are very special souls.

Their mission, as far as we can begin to understand, is to prepare the planet for the building of a new society: one where humanity is at peace and every person on Earth strives towards the same goal. This goal would include expanding our spiritual knowledge, reaching a stage of equality around the globe, and ultimately ending all suffering (at least ending that which is within our control).

These children aren’t the first set of star children to arrive on Earth. Indigo children were the first; they began the foundations of change and were followed by the Crystal children who continued their work.

What are the Rainbow children?

So what is a Rainbow child? Some people believe that they are the final group of star children to descend upon the Earth. They are the last piece of the puzzle that will ultimately nudge humanity back onto the correct course.

Other people believe that they are simply the next stage and that once the Rainbow children have carried out their work a new group will arrive to continue the job. Of course this only explains that role of these individuals but what actually are they?

In simple terms, Rainbow children are unique souls that have been carefully selected for this mission. As we’ll see in a moment, they typically display certain characteristics that make them perfect for the role.

All children are unique and special but these children are naturally gifted with higher levels of spiritual understanding as well as a deeper sense of humanity and the greater good. In order to help you have a better understanding of the characteristics, we’ll now take a look at the most common signs of a Rainbow child.

Signs of a Rainbow child

It’s important to understand that there is a degree of variance from one child to the next. A Rainbow child won’t necessarily display every single one of these traits but they do give you an idea of the general personality and spirit that you would expect to find displayed by such a child.

Birth Situation

It’s common for a Rainbow child to be born from a Crystal adult (the grown-up version of a Crystal child). They are likely to be born into a stable home with a happy, comfortable living environment.

The reason that these children are born into families such as these is that they are born with a completely neutral karmic slate. Unlike the rest of us, these are new souls and have not lived any previous lives.


Of course, many of the personality traits are likely what you would expect from such a child. They are very high energy and will find themselves drawn to other people displaying similar levels of energy. Such a child will jump, skip, hop, sing, shout, and run, seemingly at random.

They are naturally drawn to bright colors and will display high levels of creativity. Even from a young age, they will be drawn to careers such as being an artist, writer, singer, musician, and any other outlet that allows them to express themselves. It’s quite natural for them to be pulled towards other Rainbow children so expect to find them in groups of like-minded people as they mature.

Rainbow children may appear to develop slower than most other children. Many won’t talk until the ages of 3 or 4, if not older. This is because they have a deeper spiritual connection with the universe and those within it. Verbal communication isn’t something they need to prioritize.

Similarly, these children may come across as rebellious and stubborn to some people. They aren’t troublemakers (or more accurately, they don’t mean to be) but they have a greater sense of purpose than most of us and while it can be a little intimidating, sometimes you have to just let them do their thing.


These children are naturally immune to forms of negative energy. That’s not to say that they won’t even be affected by it, but they will certainly be capable of shrugging off much more than the average person. To them, every cup is half-full and every cloud does have a silver lining.

As their spiritual abilities improve, they will have no problem talking to any and all spiritual entities. They won’t shy away from lost souls or powerful angels because their naturally high vibrational energy level fills them with confidence and clarity.

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