Can Feng Shui make it easier to have harmonious relationships?


Feng Shui, this Chinese ancestral art which has long remained extremely confidential, holds many well-being secrets. One of them relates to relationships, in its broadest sense. Feng Shui is indeed an excellent way of improving your relationships, of meeting extraordinary people and of receiving enriching assistance. Consider Feng Shui to improve your relationships It consists […]

Long live music!


It accompanies us on a daily basis, it brings us joy, it makes us dance, it relaxes us, it soothes us… Music is riddled with qualities! Turn this ally into a friend. It only wants what’s best for you! Well-being on a daily basis Music is a genuine anti-anxiety tool in life. Case in point, […]

Simhamukha, the mudra that relieves our suffering


Protection, serenity, wisdom… all this is within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge. Discover the secret of Mudras, ritual hand gestures developed over the centuries by the Greatest Yogis! Simhamukha, a protective mudra Meaning: Healing herbs Ritual: Perform this gesture on a waning-moon night as you count to 14, between 8pm and 9pm, to rid […]

Smile or laugh!


Worries, frantic life, stress… We find less and less time to laugh. Many studies prove it. How many times have you laughed or smiled today? Do you remember the last time you burst out laughing? Merely thinking about it brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Smile at life Each day, life sends opportunities […]