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The Amethyst, the stone of wisdom

Amethyst precious stone of wisdom

The amethyst, the stone of wisdom and humility, is first of all a stone of Temperance and purity preventing any sort of exhilaration – even spiritual. Let’s find out more about the Amethyst Precious Stone of Wisdom

The Amethyst, the magic, and legendary stone

This powerful stone comes from a variety of violet quartz. It is the symbol of wisdom. It is linked to the spiritual and can be used to balance chakras.

According to Pliny the Elder, its particularity resides in the fact that it protects against witchcraft when it is worn as an amulet… Provided that the figures of the sun and the moon are engraved on it… And that it is “worn around the neck with peacock down and swallow feathers“…

The angel that is frequently linked to it is ARIEL.

What can you expect from an Amethyst?

It possesses many virtues and will help you in your daily life in multiple ways. Here are the main benefits it brings.

  • Physically speaking

– It relieves migraines and brings calm and deep sleep (especially when it is placed underneath a pillow).

– It contributes to the proper functioning of the stomach, liver, intestines and appeases attacks of gout.

  • Emotionally speaking

– It contributes to relieving anxiety, releasing tensions, overcoming depression and obsessions.

– It protects against alcoholism and against any form of addiction in general (tobacco, drugs, coffee…)

  • Spiritually speaking

– It stimulates imagination, creativity, keeps nightmares at bay, brings about beneficial dreams and reinforces memory.

– It regulates energies and favors personal development, concentration, studies and reflection.

Amethyst Precious Stone of Wisdom – My advice

Make the most of the benefits brought by this stone of wisdom and plenitude. It suits people who are stressed particularly well thanks to its balancing properties.

If you have one, place it in your bedroom. It will contribute to creating a calm atmosphere, one propitious to more peaceful sleep.


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