Bhramara, a mudra for protection

bhramara mudra

Protection, serenity, wisdom… All of this lies litterally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge represented by the Mudras, which are also known as the yoga of the hands or fingers. Bhramara mudra is one of these sacred ritual gestures. I’ll leave you to discover it…

Practicing Bhramara mudra to develop your clear-sightedness

By performing this sacred gesture, you will favor the development of your intuition.



  • A wing
  • A bird



  • Perform this gesture on the morning of a waning crescent, between 7 and 8 a.m. if possible.
  • Count to 19 to take flight spiritually.
  • Intuition and clear-sightedness will be granted you within 9 days and you will be able to understand certain things that had eluded you until then.

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