Shiva Linga, a Mudra to find Love

shiva linga love mudra

Fortune, love, wisdom… Mudras, also known as the yoga of the hands or fingers, can enable us to fulfil our desires, even sometimes the craziest of them. Among those sacred ritual gestures, there is the Shiva linga, which I’ll teach you here…

Performing the Shiva linga to find sublime love

By putting this sacred gesture  into practice, you will be able to place your soulmate on your path or – if you already have found yours – reinforce the ties that bind you to this person.


Meaning: the soulmate


  • Perform this crescent-moon gesture in the morning between  5 and 7 am,
  • Count to 10 to let the whole meaning of this mudra imbue you
  • Over the months that will follow this ritual, the being the gods had designated to be yours when you were born will be placed on your path. If this person already stands by your side, you will then be able to reach Sublime Love through this gesture.


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