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Katakamukha, the mudra of reward

katakamukha mudra protection

Protection, serenity, wisdom… all this is literally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge. Discover the secret science of Mudras (ritual gestures using a hand developed over the centuries by the Greatest Yogis and in particular, the katakamukha mudra protection.

Katakamukha Mudra protection yoga – How to do this protective mudra

It is translated by “opening a bracelet”.


Meaning: collecting flowers.


Perform this gesture on a waxing-moon night while you count to 21 between 5 and 6pm to see your efforts, donations and generosity rewarded.

If you have done something significant to do good, the good you did will be returned to you a hundredfold over the 9 weeks that follow your Ritual.


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