What are the Symptoms of Ascension? Get Through it While Keeping Your Sanity

symptoms of ascension

Do you know what are the symptoms of ascension? From the start, every human being has vibrational frequencies inside their body. To increase these frequencies is termed “Ascension”. In the process of ascension, your chakras open and your aura expand.

This process is related_posts to the spiritual realm, and it has symptoms. Having greater spiritual perception, the awakening of psychic abilities, and increased compassion for humankind, are all symptoms of ascension.

Spiritual Ascension

The ascension process might seem easy, but it is not keeping in mind that there are symptoms of ascension. During the ascension awakening, your body, mind, and soul will go through vast changes.

Spiritual growth is the primary change, followed by the temporary symptoms that might get very frustrating for a person to bear. Spiritual ascension is directed towards your spiritual awakening.

During this ascension process you have a greater attraction to the spiritual world; just like magnets attract metals. The process may take time or may not, depending on how rapidly your body adapts to the changes that are taking place within your body and in your surroundings.

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Remedies for Symptoms of Ascension – Learn to let go

Ascension awakening is not an easy path to take. Having been transformed at a pace faster than what your body can bear, which is one of the symptoms, can get very hasty at times.

To make it easier for yourself, you need to learn to let go of all past negativities and thoughts that become torture. Don’t let the small things bug you!

Try to keep calm and breathe slowly

Transformations are never easy but can be made easier by small techniques, of which one is to keep calm and breathe at a slow rate.

As what is done during meditation, short deep breaths are all that is needed to calm your mind and make it easier for the changes to take effect.

Crystals are a great help

Crystals, as we all know, undergo the ascension process as well. However, they do not have any symptoms to experience, but they can be of great help in the ascension process that brings changes in your life.

Crystals can shift vibrations from one place to another. Thus, as you might have guessed, when your body takes in too much energy that it can’t bear, the crystal can absorb some so that no harm comes your way.

Just like that, when your body can take more energy for the ascension process, but not enough is being supplied, the crystal gives away some of its energy to fasten up your ascension process.

Final Thoughts!

Thus, the crystal acts as a balancing material that ensures a good balance between the energy that enters your body. Either way, it works; it does not let any harm reach your body.

There can be many symptoms, but if you do not know how to remain in your senses while the ascension process is in effect, there is no point in you undergoing ascension.

Thus, learn to control yourself so that you can benefit from the spiritual ascension.

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