Dance, sing, shout…

dance, sing, shout

Dance, Sing, Shout and Play! The Guardian Angel specifies that you should have fun in your everyday life. Having fun daily, giving free rein to your inner child for a few moments, exceeding the limits… all this is possible if you practice the following three short exercises. No need for any materials, you only need yourself to be mentally present in the moment! Dance,Sing, Shout and Play the game!

Dance, Sing, Shout to be better – Dance

I have already stressed how important it is for you to exercise. So, with that in mind, do not ever miss an opportunity to express yourself by dancing – whether you like to dance or not, or whether you have dancing skills or not, it does not matter. Dancing helps in relieve your stress. If you are a poor dancer, a mirror will do! You will laugh at yourself. You will see: self-mockery is a fabulous drug! So… Feel free to dance anytime you want!


The same goes for singing: whether you are in the shower, in the car or in the woods, sing. The weight of your worries will become lighter and you will rise to the spiritual spheres. Why do you think that birds – celestial creatures if ever there were any – sing?

Singing puts you to ease as does music, and if you remember correctly, Sacred Music is a way to know your Angels name. The Guardian Angel will be very pleased to know that you are putting in effort to find your way towards him.

And if you sing out of tune, what I mentioned above applies here too: practice self-mockery, sing, laugh at yourself. This will do you a world of good, I can guarantee!


Shouting? Why would I advise you to shout when I only recommend gentleness, balance, and laughing? Shouting is an old method implemented by one of my friends who lived near the seaside, on a high hill. When he had to face serious problems, he would walk to the edge of the hill and shout until he ran out of breath. It will really help you feel less stresses and ease you in a way you never thought it would.

Although I have never implemented this kind of method, I can assure you that the results were amazing: he came back home “drained” but happy… Will you try? It is worth trying if it works out!

Try it out, and if it works, thank your Guardian Angel and me in guiding you on the path that leads to mental peace!

Remember: all you have to do is to… Dance, Sing, Shout and Play!


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