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How to use positive thinking to live a better life


Here is a simple art, one that is easy to put into practice and that, in addition, won’t have you incur any expenses: positive thinking. By abiding by a few rules everyone is able to apply, it is possible to transform your existence and gain access to well-being. How? By using the resources of your mind.

The power of the mind on the body

Yes, I am telling you, the mind is able to dominate the body. It is absolutely possible to create in your mind what you wish to see come true in the physical world.

Yes indeed, a mental creation correctly performed could materialize. You will find proof in the following lines.

Yes, you can reject fatality and become – thanks to the subtle art of positive thinking – the creator and actor of your life.

To that end, you just have to abide by a few very simple rules  that can easily be put into practice.

What can we concretely expect to get from positive thinking?

Know that you will be able to take advantage of the art of positive thinking in nearly all the areas of your life. You will just need to have a clear intention and develop it with confidence and determination to get quick results.

A quick illustration of the effects of positive thinking

An insomniac guy to whom I had revealed the art of positive thinking told me he repeated for a week every night (only at night):

“I decide to sleep for 8 hours in a row without waking up and without dreaming”.

8 days after, his insomnia troubles had vanished!

Tip to amplify the effects of positive thinking

When you state your ambition, do what Emile-Auguste Chartier, the great philosopher, advised to do:

Embrace ease rather than shyness, embrace strength rather than weakness, embrace good health rather than sickness and devastating imagination will find it hard to settle down…

Why this piece of advice?

Because there is nothing worse than doubts when practicing positive thinking. If you let doubts beset you, they will undermine the foundation of your practice and compromise the results.


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