Angel of Discernment – Know more about him!

Angel of Discernment

We’ll then explore the angel of discernment: Nemamiah and the power of discernment that he offers. Finally, we’ll explore how to use the gift of discernment both in your day-to-day life and spiritual development.

Whether you are well versed in the meaning of the spiritual gift of discernment or it’s completely new to you, this article aims to provide you with all the information you may need. We’ll start off by exploring the meaning of the gift of discernment including what it is and what it is used for.

Gifts of Discernment

The idea of discernment finds its origins in the Holy Bible. The book of John highlights the need to “test” spirits in order to determine whether their message is true or false.

In simple terms that is what discernment is: the gift of being able to determine whether the information is A) true and B) will aid you on your journey.

The term used to be strictly Christian; it is now used throughout all spiritual practices. It can be hard to tell if any spirit is inherently bad or good so discernment is one way of checking, for those who possess the gift. You may also hear this gift being referred to as the eye of discernment.

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Signs of the Gift

The gift of spiritual discernment isn’t available to everyone but there are some ways to test whether you have the gift or not. The first main sign that you have the gift is actually a longing or desire for it. This could manifest itself as a desire to set spirits or people free from demonic bondage or traps.

It could be that you’re simply curious about the spiritual realm and those who reside within it. Without this sort of desire, it’s unlikely that you would possess the discernment gift. There are of course other signs though.

The gift of spiritual discernment will also give you a feeling of sensitivity towards the spiritual realm. This could mean that you find communication with deceased loved ones or angels easier than most.

Similarly, you may detect trapped spirits with ease, even when you’d rather not. This can stretch to experiencing events that others do not. An example of this could be visions, lucid dreams, or even sensations that hint at events taking place beyond the physical realm.

You may even find that you can detect lies here in this world easier than others. This can sometimes feel as much like a curse as it does a gift. But what if you don’t have the discernment gift?

The Angel of Discernment

We’re not all blessed with the spiritual gift of discernment and so it can often be necessary to contact the patron angel of discernment: Nemamiah. Nemamiah is actually a Guardian Angel to those born between the 1st and 5th of January.

Of course, as the angel of discernment, he has other roles to play as well. He can offer advice on strategy, intellect, problem-solving as well as help with spiritual pursuits such as renouncing material possessions and privileges, achieving freedom, and focusing on your life and soul mission.

Why Reach Out to Nemamiah

If you lack the gift of discernment then your only real way to obtain it or anything close to it is to pray to Nemamiah. As the angel of discernment, he can provide you with guidance and aid on a short-term basis or provide you with the gift as a more long-term solution.

If you find that naivety is one of your weaknesses, you can pray to the angel of discernment. He can stop you from believing those who seek to trick you. He can also provide you with guidance related to difficult communication, provide solutions to relationship troubles, can simplify complicated matters, and can even provide knowledge when there is a lack of understanding.

Praying to Nemamiah

You can pray to Nemamiah in the same way you would any other angel. It can, however, be beneficial to pray through meditative means as much of the guidance and knowledge offered by Nemamiah would come from inwards rather than appearing as a physical signature.

It’s often easier to absorb this type of angel message when you’re meditating and can open your mind fully to the message. Think of it as being similar to waiting for a phone call, would you rather have your phone on silent or on loud? As such, we will cover a basic meditation you can carry out with a way to reach out to Nemamiah.


You want to start the same as any other meditation session: set the atmosphere, sit in a comfortable position and begin to take some slow, deep breaths.

It can help to have a pen and some paper handy for this type of session, as you never know what information will spring to the front of your mind. If you have a particular problem that you wish to seek guidance on, keep this in mind.

If not, simply imagine the eye of discernment being gifted to you.  As you begin to enter into a meditative state, you want to reach outward to the angel Nemamiah. Remember to call not just from your mind but from your spirit as well.

You can use a mantra such as this to focus your thoughts:

Dear Nemamiah, I reach out to you now in search of your intellect and vast well of knowledge.

I seek the eye of discernment so that I may differentiate good spirits

from those who would lead me astray and sound information for that which is false.

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