Can Feng Shui make it easier to have harmonious relationships?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, this Chinese ancestral art which has long remained extremely confidential, holds many well-being secrets. One of them relates to relationships, in its broadest sense. Feng Shui is indeed an excellent way of improving your relationships, of meeting extraordinary people and of receiving enriching assistance.

Consider Feng Shui to improve your relationships

In this particular case, Feng Shui consists in focusing on the rooms where you live, and more specifically on the places where you greet and host people such as:

  • the living room
  • the dining room

Remember also that is always your greeting card for other people and not always a sign of your social personality.

Feng Shui advice to follow to experience happy and enriching relationships

  1. The “Relationship” area is linked to the Metal element; consequently, you will have to avoid using weapons as ornament or plants such as cacti because of the aggressiveness they release.
  1. Computers and phones are welcome since they are means of communication. But use them with moderation
  1. Plane, train, car or boat models are welcome too.
  1. So is a globe or a map of the world.
  1. In terms of colors: green, yellow, grey and white will have an extremely positive impact.
  1. Finally, do not ever draw the curtains and do not ever close the shutters before night has fallen.

What results can be derived from practicing Feng-Shui?

  • More harmonious and serene relationships
  • Help or rescue coming from the outside
  • Meeting generous benefactors
  • Perfectly organized trips
  • Assistance in getting a new activity started
  • Fruitful exchanges, emotionally and financially speaking
  • Less stressful moments
  • Better “anger” management abilities
  • Empathy development


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