How to be happy as far as love is concerned thanks to Feng Shui?

feng shui and happy love

Feng Shui and Happy Love is not that difficult to have them. Feng Shui is a science that holds many benefits, including when it comes to love. Indeed, this ancestral art can act in favor of your marital happiness, facilitate the return of your loved one, ensure the smooth unfolding of an emotional relationship for a while or forever, and promote emotional and sexual fulfilment in your life as a couple.

Definition for Feng Shui – Method to establish harmony in your Love Life

The room in which you will have to put the Feng Shui recommendations into practice is the bedroom.

Here is the Feng Shui process to implement in your bedroom

  1. This zone depends on the element of Earth.
    Avoid placing anything containing water since the earth holds back the water.
  2. Do not suspend any dry plants because they would oppose, through their symbolism of death, the vitality and joy you are looking for.
  3. All your decorative objects (statuettes, bedside lamps…) will have to be gathered by pairs to highlight the symbolism of the couple.
  4. In the bedroom, you will place elements of the following colors (curtains, cushions, carpet…):
    – pink
    – red
    – yellow
    – or white
    Avoid violet and black at all costs.
  5. You can put a bouquet of red roses in a vase, provided that you fill it with renewed water every day.

What will Feng Shui and Happy Love  affect you directly?

  • A romantic encounter if you are experiencing solitude
  • An emotional renewal
  • The return of the loved one
  • A quick reconciliation if you are on bad terms with your partner
  • A fulfilled sexual life

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