How to know that Guardian Angels are watching Over You!

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels can come and go in the flick of an eye, leaving no trace whatsoever. If they don’t want you to recognize their presence, you won’t. However, this is rarely the case and more often than not your Guardian angels will leave tell-tale signs that they are watching over you.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the more common signs. We’ll take a look at messages they may send you directly as well as signs they may leave behind to put your mind at ease. We’ll start off with one of the most common Guardian Angels Signs.

Guardian Angels – Angel Numbers

It’s important to realize that your Guardian angel (not Guardian Angle) doesn’t actually have to visit you in order to let you know that you’re not alone.

There are many examples of signs that Guardian Angels can send to provide us with advice, guidance, support, warning, and even protection. One of the main examples is angel numbers. Angel numbers are coded messages that Angels can send to individuals.

We tend to recognize angel numbers primarily through their repetition. For example, you may start seeing the number 133 everywhere: bus number, the cost of your ticket, the time you get an important phone call, the address you find a parking space outside…anything.

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Of course, there are other examples of Guardian Angels interacting with us through messages without visiting us in person. For example, a Guardian Angel visit can take place while you sleep.

This is an incredibly common sign and can happen for a number of reasons. You won’t always experience incredibly vivid or lucid messages within your dream.

Sometimes you may simply see signs, colors, symbols, or experiencing feelings that you interpret as relating to your Guardian Angel.

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and perhaps don’t really remember what our dreams were about and yet, we know that we received a visit or even a message while we slept, thus the angel of dreams.


Visions are a slightly different story. Where dreams can appear jumbled and unclear (usually due to interacting with our regular dreams which can themselves be naturally confusing and difficult to understand), visions tend to be more clear and concise.

Most visions are experienced at times of prayer or meditation but that’s not to say that they can’t spring up out of anywhere. It’s important to make a note of what you see, feel, hear or experience during your vision to allow you to interpret that meaning at a later date.

Guardian Angels will use visions if other signs or messages aren’t working or if the message is too important to send in other formats.


Dreams, visions, and angel numbers all have one thing in common: it’s usually obvious that they are messages from your Guardian angel. There are slightly more ambiguous signs that Guardian Angels are watching over you such as orbs.

So what are orbs? Orbs can appear in many forms: you may take a picture with your camera and notice colored orbs show up when you look at the photo.

Another example may be that you look over your shoulder and a shimmer effect caused by many bright orbs is momentarily visible before vanishing.

There is debate whether this is actually an angel or whether it is simply a sign they send you to let you know they are watching over you. Either way, it should provide you with some comfort and peace of mind.

White Feathers

If you find a feather in an unusual place don’t brush it off as simply being bizarre. This is a sign that Guardian Angels send to let their wards know that they are protected and being watched over.

So if you’re meditating at home and then find a feather in front of you or one is blown onto your desk at work then perhaps take a moment to thank your Guardian angel.

If you find one in a forest or near a river or anywhere out in nature, don’t rule it out as being a common occurrence. Of course, there will be times when a white feather is just that: a white feather.

But as you find one, take a moment to consider what was on your mind at the moment you found it. Were you worried about your spiritual journey? Perhaps questioning a belief or decision?

Consider if your thoughts could have inspired your angels to send a sign to remind you of their Guardianship.


So how do you know if you have a Guardian Angel watching over you? Well, another sign is certain sounds that you can listen out for. The most common of these is the sound of bells.

It could be that you’re meditating and asking for a sign or searching for contact with your angel and suddenly you hear church bells.

Alternatively, you may hear a closer jingle of a smaller bell. Another auditory sign would be a muffled sound.

Many describe this as a whisper: almost like trying to hear a conversation through a thick wall. You should also listen out to music.

This could come in the form of certain lyrics or hearing music that you could only describe as angelic.


The final sign we’re going to take a look at his feelings. Guardian Angels can appear in many different forms and as such, we sometimes can’t hear or see them but can feel them.

A common example of this is feeling a sudden change in temperature. This is usually a kind of warmth that many describe as receiving a hug from warm air. Another example would be feeling like you’re not alone.

This isn’t the same as those horror movie moments. You wouldn’t feel scared or worried that you’re not alone but rather relieved and comforted. It would be a familiar feeling.

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