Mayura Mudra for Success – Bring a project to a successful completion

mayura mudra for success

Mudras are simple but precious gestures for those who wish to realize their dreams, whether these involve love, money, success or even protection. Also known as yoga of the hands, Mudras are ancestral knowledge that still have a rightful place in our daily lives, just as is the case of the Mayura mudra I’ll describe today. Let’s explore now the Mayura Mudra for Success …

Mayura Mudra for Success – Mudra of  Winners


Meaning: the peacock’s head, the winning side, fame


Perform this gesture during the waxing phase of the moon right after you have counted to 8. You must carry it out on the eve of the day when you have decided to undertake something, whether it is a voluntary action or has to do with your job.

Through this sacred gesture of the mayura mudra for success, you will then have requested Heaven’s help and it will back you up.


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