The 7 Secrets to lead a Successful Life in 7 days

7 Secrets to lead a Successful Life in 7 days

The path to Happiness is often the culmination of a lifetime. But, are we really sure to reach it? There are shortcuts, well-kept secrets that enable us to access success in just one week. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to put these secrets into practice – when you know them. Discover here the 7 Secrets to lead a Successful life in 7 days.

7 Secrets to lead a Successful Life in 7 days

To some, 7 secrets to lead a successful life in 7 days is something unthinkable to be accomplished but to others, just a set of smaller adjustments in the daily routine. Let’s enumerate them:

Day 1, 1st secret for success: purification

Start by purifying your place of residence. To that end, you just have to clean the dirtiness wherever it may be, it’s all that simple.
Then, as far as your diet is concerned:

  • Avoid cooked fat, alcohol, sugary sodas and stimulants.
  • Opt for fish rather than meat and eat fruits.

Day 2, 2nd secret for success: reinforcing your energy

Dedicate this day to getting rid of the problems that stand in your way.
To that end, here is an exercise that will enable you to increase the intensity of your vibratory rate:
– Lie down comfortably on the ground with you back flat
– Stretch your arms and your legs while you take a deep breath. Do this 7 times in a row. Do this calmly, at your own pace.

You will soon realize that the circulation of your energies is improving and you will start regaining the necessary drive to undertake new things.

Day 3, 3rd secret for success: Improving your mental force

This step enables you to better understand things in order to make the right decisions. The first thing to do after you wake up is to put your right foot on the ground. This symbolical gesture has an impact on the magical plane and enables you to set positive energies in motion.

Here is a breathing exercise to put into practice when night has fallen in order to reinforce your mental strength:

  • Sit down, with your hands on your thighs
  • Take deep and slow breaths
  • Breathe in and keep the air inside you for 7 seconds
  • Then, breathe out slowly for 10 seconds.

This exercise has a prodigious impact on your intellectual abilities, your ability to make proper judgments and positive decisions.

Day 4, 4th secret for success: The triumph of your Willpower

Its goal is to develop the main driving force of success: determination. When this step is over, you will be able to channel the energies that preside over willpower. This will help you retain them inside you:

  • Sit down
  • Place your hands at the level of your solar plexus (i.e. between your chest and your navel): join the palms of your hands and point your fingers to the sky….
  • Slowly repeat the sacred syllable “OM” 7 times (pronounce “ahum”).

At the end of the cycle, your willpower should give you the strength to wipe out all the obstacles.

Day 5, 5th secret for success: Keeping positive energies, repelling the negative ones!

On the night of this 5th day, perform this exercise:

  • Sit down in front of a lit candle and focus on the flame.
  • With each breath you take, imagine its light entering your body and illuminating the inside of your body.
  • Hold your breath for seven seconds the same way you did on day 3 and then breathe out slowly.

This step will increase your courage and reinforce your vital energy.

Day 6, 6th secret: a successful social life

You will start to be able to have a real influence on the outside world. Your ability to convince others will amplify.

The 6th secret for success lies in emptying your mind:

  • Close your eyes and focus so you put an end to your inner dialog
  • Then, do the following 7 times in a row:
    • Breathe in and, then, breathe out slowly and deeply.
    • Distinctly pronounce the OM sacred syllable.

This exercise will bring you self-confidence and give you the ability to better grasp the way things are.

Day 7, 7th secret for success: The gift for intuition and luck

To attract Luck into your life and attain success, I will reveal a secret to you, one that will enable you to develop your intuition: it is the secret of space-time projection.

  • Start by imagining places you already know and visit them as if you were physically there.
  • Then, try to “relive” moments of the past, recalling the events as if you were actually experiencing them again.
  • After that, project yourself into the future by trying to visualize – for instance – the way someone you have to meet with will be dressed the next day.

7 Secrets to lead a Successful Life in 7 Days – Summary

This ability will develop your intuition and enable you to spot the opportunities that will be favorable to you more clearly!

Those were 7 secrets to lead a successful life in 7 days. 7 secrets that I’ll share with you to guide you on the path to Happiness, 7 ways that you will see that will help you out on a daily basis.

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