Learn to Activate Your Merkaba – The Symbol of Divine Energy!


As you travel along your spiritual path, it is normal to discover new and incredibly significant aspects of your spiritual self. Each new step leads us closer to fulfilling our destiny, but it can often feel like each step also leads us deeper into the unknown. Discovering that you have more power and higher energy that you realized can be a startling discovery, and your Merkaba may be the most powerful energy you’ve ever experienced. We’ll start off by discussing what a Merkaba is, before going on to explore different types of activation.

What does Merkaba mean?

Discussing the Merkaba can be a little confusing. Let’s start with the shape itself. A Merkaba is represented by a 3-dimensional shape that you may know as a ‘star tetrahedron’, which consists of two interconnected triangular pyramids and 8 points. However, the shape does appear to us in other dimensions as well. The 2-dimensional version is commonly referred to as the star of David.

The shape also appears in the fourth dimension, but we’re incapable of seeing it while in the physical realm. You’re probably familiar with auras, the spiritual energy shields that help us to deflect negative energy, but people are less familiar with Merkabas. With practice, patience, and knowledge, you can learn to see Merkabas in the same way you would learn to see auras. This isn’t the only way that these two energy fields are connected.

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What is Merkaba energy?

A Merkaba exists as a connection between us and source energy. In essence, it is a larger version of an aura, but it serves a higher purpose than deflecting negative energy. Each of the triangular pyramids within the Merkaba spin in opposite directions. They do this so fast that the shapes are barely perceivable.

If you learn to see them, you won’t see anything spinning, but you will see a shield, of sorts, that has created a large oval shape around the person. We’ll discuss the connection that this has to Ezekiel’s wheel in a moment as this shape is much larger than a person, and in many ways appears like a vehicle, one with many functions.

The Spiritual Significance of Merkabas

The Merkaba meaning can seem difficult to grasp. Don’t worry if you struggle, the concept is allusive in nature. This knowledge is something that is better understood by higher beings, but it’s important that we’re aware of Merkabas as we progress along our spiritual journey, after all, we will one day reach a much higher vibrational energy level and will need to interact with this energy tool.

Merkabas are the connection point between us and Source Energy. This is the type of energy that connects to everything in the universe. It is both physical and non-physical in nature, and one could argue that due to our understanding of matter within physics, source energy is also the connection between science and spirituality, merging the two worlds in the same way it connects the material and the spiritual, and therefore the physical and the non-physical.

The symbols contained within the Merkaba represent their energy and purpose. When we discussed the Merkaba meaning, we covered the fact that the shape is made up of two triangular pyramids. Each of these pyramids points in a different direction, and when activated, they spin in opposite directions.

The pyramids pointing upwards connects to higher levels of spirituality. It connects to the source energy, the universal energy, and represents positivity. We often consider this aspect of the shape to be similar to yang from the yin and yang symbol of balance and harmony. The downward-pointing pyramid represents the connection to the Earth. We consider it to have a negative energy flow, and it closely resembles yang, from the yin and yang symbol.

Activation Through Merkaba Meditation

There are essentially two different types of Merkaba activation: active and reactive. Each can be activated in a similar way, but the intention behind each one is likely to be incredibly different. When it comes to activating your Merkaba, you’re essentially programming to fit a specific purpose.

You’re the only one capable of programming your Merkaba, and while others can guide you, it is through your mind and spirit, and through your intention, that the energy behaves in a certain manner. Let’s explore each of the types of activation.

Active Activation

Active programming is exactly what the name suggests. You have a problem, obstacle, or goal, and so you use your Merkaba to aid you in conquering it. For example, if you find yourself in a negative space and having negative thoughts, then you might choose to direct Source energy towards overcoming it. When negativity plagues our mind, it also manifests itself within our spirit, and so returning to a neutral level can be tricky.

Actively choosing to resolve a problem allows Source energy to flow from the universe and through your Merkaba in order to help you achieve your desired goal. We’ll look at guiding this process through Merkaba meditation in a moment.

Reactive Activation

Reactive programming, also known as passive programming, sets up Merkaba with a purpose. There are two reasons why you would choose this type of activation. The first is that you might be aware of a situation that you’ll be finding yourself in the future, one involving negative energy or a challenge that seems overwhelming. For example, if you’re heading into a city for an extended period of time and know that it drains your energy.

The second reason relates to long-term objectives. For example, if you’re trying to keep a positive mindset you might program your Merkaba to actively help in this process. Another example might relate to your connection to other spiritual beings, as you might program it to forge a more on-going connection. Either way, you need to know how to activate your Merkaba.


Merkaba meditation is an individual experience, and it involves a lot of visualization. As with any meditation be sure to find a quiet space where you can feel relaxed and at peace. Remember, setting your intention is the most important aspect of activation. So, what are you hoping to achieve? Is the purpose active or reactive? Hold it clearly in your mind as you begin to meditate.

The visualization for this process connects to Ezekiel’s wheel. Many people believe that Ezekiel, through being surrounded by a mysterious energy, was actually activating his Merkaba. As such, you need to see this field forming around you. Focus on it spinning faster and faster until it suddenly vanishes from view.

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