The Angels in the Kabbalah


The Kabbalah is a very old Jewish Mystical tradition. Why is it said that there are 72 Angels in the Kabbalah? What are their roles and what is their connection to the 4 elements and the 12 astrological signs? What is the Kabbalah? It is said that the Kabbalah was communicated to Adam, the first […]

Mont Saint Michel, a sacred place


From Australia to Europe and the polar Circle, sacred and out-of-the-ordinary places can be found all over the world, places where men have been communing since the dawn of time. To begin this wonderful round-the-world trip, I suggest we stop in France, on the Mont Saint Michel… A wonder among Wonders What is called a […]

Discover the world of the Guardian Angels


Everybody has already heard of the Guardian Angels… And yet, few really know them. That’s a pity because knowing them and knowing how to talk to them can provide great benefits. What does the word “Angel” mean? This word comes from the Latin word “Angelus”, which means “Messenger”. The Angels have always been the messengers […]

How to invoke your Guardian Angel?


When doubt is taking over and when no clear decision comes up in our minds, it is always good to be able to consult some trustworthy person. In such situations, your Guardian Angel can help you. Whether you have a question to ask him or a choice to make, here is how to invoke him. […]