Infographic: What you need to know about angels

what you need to know about angels

Angels are divine creatures that help us by guarding our lives every day. The Angels are the ones who truly care for us. That is why they gave us a specific course in our lives. Even if there is a problem with your body, your mind, or your soul, they are ready to be there […]

Prayer to discover Fortune


These few words addressed to the Guardian Angels will guide you on the path to wealth. Make them yours and let happiness in. Prayer to attract good luck at games Say this Prayer for good luck at night on the eve of the day when you decide to play: Do not seek to choose the direction […]

Damabiah, the angel that vivifies all things


Damabiah shelters us from negative emotions and leads us to the joy provided by the intelligence of the heart. Who is Damabiah? Damabiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between February 10 and February 14. Damabiah rules over intuition and sensitivity, over magic and the knowledge of subtle plans. It is said that invoking […]

Nemamiah, Praiseworthy God


Nemamiah represents Higher Intelligence, the one that is equally made up of intuition and rationality. Who is Nemamiah? Nemamiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between January 1st and January 5th. Nemamiah dominates everything aimed at annihilating mediocrity and exalting the wealth of your soul. He encourages freedom and the freeing of chains, the […]