Revelations about Saint Michael, the Guardian of Angels

archangel saint michael

In these troubled times, it seems to me that talking about the Being of Light that courageously fought Evil and gloriously defeated it is particularly suited: The Archangel Saint Michael, the Guardian of Angels.

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Why do we need the help of the Archangel Michael, the Guardian of Angels, today?

Because not only is he considered to be the most powerful angel in the Kingdom of Angels, but he is also the one who brought down the dragon, i.e. Evil.

To begin with, I suggest we look into his etymology because this archangel’s first name is extremely powerful, as you will quickly understand why!

Origin of the first name “Michael”

Michael is derived from the Hebrew “Mi-Kha-E”, which means “Similar to God or Godlike.” This means that this archangel has an amazing power since he is compared to the Divine through his name! He symbolizes the Good that overcame Evil. As a result, he is the guardian of the Angels’ Army.

He is revered in many traditions (Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim…). Men have represented the Archangel Michael, the Guardian of Angels, and the Archangels, all around the globe and some places dedicated to him can be found the world over.

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Famous places of pilgrimage dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael

In Italy, on Monte Gargano, a splendid Sanctuary was built in honor of this archangel. It is one of the most ancient Sanctuaries in Europe since many pilgrims came to gather their thoughts there in the Middle Ages.

At the gates of the Vatican too – most specifically on the Castle Sant’Angelo, a veritable Roman monument – a statue of the Archangel Saint Michael was erected at the request of Gregory I.

In France, the most well-known and fabulous of all sites is the impressive Mont Saint Michel (Michel being the equivalent of Michael). It is there that an Abbey was built.

The common feature between all these places?

They were all built following the apparition of the archangel! Yes indeed, the Archangel Michael manifested and performed miracles in all these places. Many saw him fight. All of them told the same story.

This winged knight was seen everywhere holding his sword and bringing down the Dragon. He was seen everywhere putting Evil where it can’t do any harm.

The Archangel Michael, the Guardian of Angels and Archangels, is a fabulous Being of Light He is also the one who guides souls to Heaven.

So, should you someday feel someone wants to do you harm or find yourself in a conflicting environment, do not hesitate to ask Archangel Michael to help you!

If you are sincere, he will hear you. And he will come to fight by your side.

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