How to see your Guardian Angel in the mirror

how to see your guardian angel in the mirror

Learn how to see your Guardian Angel in the mirror… Whether you are aware of their presence or not, they are always in your surroundings to help, guide and assist you through any sort of circumstances in your life.

You need to know how to meet your Guardian Angel to understand him better and make effective and efficient prayers. The connection between you and him would be nothing like what you have experienced before. 

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How do I know my Guardian Angel?

Angels are spiritual characters that are with us from the day that we leave our mother’s womb, till the day we breathe our last breath. Guardian Angels are special angels that everyone is assigned on an individual basis.

Thus, the importance of how to see your guardian angel. Remember that the Divine appoints one Guardian Angel to each person on Earth to take care of his needs, wants, and everyday requirements regardless of who you are or where you belong.

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Do you want to learn how to see your Guardian Angel in the Mirror? There are many different ways to contact your Guardian Angel. Some people start by learning their names, others try to contact them directly.

It’s important to find the way that works best for you and your Guardian Angel. Learn who your Guardian Angel is to better understand the meaning of your relationship with them.

What does my Guardian Angel mean?

The Guardian Angel is your guardian who knows everything you do, even if you try to hide it. To go through the path of spiritual development, you need your Guardian Angel to be beside you.

You need to know how to see your guardian angel, simply because he can lift your energy and help you walk smoothly on the path of spiritual development. You can see your Guardian Angel in certain ways but, you need to know-how.

‘Seeing’ with your Eyes Closed

Some people will choose to use mirrors as a focal point for their intentions and energy while closing their eyes to see their Guardian Angel. But how can you see your Guardian Angel in the mirror with your eyes closed?

What we see with our eyes is merely our brain’s interpretation of the surrounding environment converted into electrical signals.

We don’t need to have our eyes open to see our Guardian Angel because they exist beyond the material world, and so don’t need to be detected by the physical part of our being.

Close your eyes, focus on the mirror, and reach out to your Guardian Angel.  Begin to notice any colors and/or shapes that form in the darkness behind your eyelids and allow your intuition to guide you whenever you feel any mental, physical or spiritual changes within you.

Closing your eyes can allow you to create a stronger focus on the thoughts that pop into your head: thoughts that may be your Guardian Angel communicating.

What does seeing an angel mean?

The most experienced way of seeing your Guardian Angel is in the mirror. But, you need to know how to see your Guardian Angel in the mirror for that.

But what do they do? The Guardian Angel can bless you with love and light to make you feel better about yourself and your surroundings.

If your surrounding environment is full of negative energy, the Guardian Angel can help you get rid of all the negativity and fill the air with positive vibrational frequencies.

When you make a prayer to your Guardian Angel, it will always be heard but, it won’t always be answered. To make sure that your prayer is answered, you need to have good intentions and a pure heart.

Now, if you make a prayer intending to harm or hurt someone you abhor, you will never receive any sort of help from the Guardian Angel.

How Do You Talk to an Angel?

The Guardian Angel will give you signs of his presence around you. You might hear high-pitched frequencies in your ear at unusual times, or you might see the recurrence of certain numbers in front of you, or you might even come across coins, pennies from time to time, or even by Angel Numbers.

These are all signs that the Guardian Angel might use to get your attention, so you know that he is there to help you at any time in need.

How to See Your Guardian Angel

To see your Guardian Angel, you need to summon him to witness his presence. Thus, you need to know how to summon your Guardian Angel first. The most effective and efficient way to do this is to make a prayer with a good intention and a pure heart.

Without these two factors in place, your prayer may be heard but, will not be answered. So, be aware of your intentions before you expect your Guardian Angel to come for help.

To do that, you need first to place an intention to connect with your Guardian Angel. Start with relaxing your brain and mind; do not think about anything. Peace of mind is the most important factor that needs to be in place for a successful connection.

Place your total focus on the prayer that you are about to make. Remember that to see and to find out how to see your guardian angel in the mirror, your mind needs to be fully concentrated on the prayer, otherwise, you will not be able to connect with your Guardian Angel rightly.

Once you feel that your concentration has reached its maximum limit, make your prayer that can be something like the following:

Oh, my Guardian Angel, I invite you to connect with me,

to help, guide, and assist me in my life.

I require your assistance to ease my mind,

and I seek your love and light

so that my life may be lit up with

positive vibrational frequencies.

Oh, Guardian Angel, thank you for always

being available to help aid me in my life.

I seek refuge in your help now,

hoping you will shower me with

your love and light once again.

Once you make the prayer, you will feel as if your surrounding environment is being filled with light. You will feel your heart being lit up and the light spreading from inside your heart to the rest of your body.

It would be as if you are breathing in your Guardian Angel’s light. This is the way on how to speak to your Guardian Angel.

How do I connect with my guardian angel?

Once, you are filled with the light of your Guardian Angel, you are fully connected with him. It would be as if you are sitting right across him; you have learned how to see our Guardian Angel in the mirror.

You need to allow yourself to feel his presence in your surrounding environment. Relax and breathe as slowly as you can; trying not to panic as there will be a rush of energy flowing inside your body all of a sudden.

You need to enjoy connecting with your Guardian Angel. The more at ease your brain will be, the easier it will be able to make your prayer and ask for his help, guidance, or assistance.

Guardian Angel can read your mind and he will!

You would feel as if your mind is asking you “Do you need any help?”. It is not your mind asking you that, it is the Guardian Angel himself who is conveying his message through the interpretation of the brain.

You need to be completely open and ask whatever is in your mind at that moment because the Guardian Angel can read your mind and he will.

Thus, hiding anything at that moment will not do you any good and will not help you in that exact moment in time that you need to know how to see your guardian angel. Make sure your heart is clear, and your intention is good, and make your prayer.

Once your prayer is made, you will slowly feel at ease; you will feel as if your problem has already been solved and slowly, the light within you will start to fade away which means that it’s time for the Guardian Angel to go now.

Thank him in your mind and end the session until the next time you have another one.

You Can See Your Guardian Angel in the Mirror

When you are undergoing the process of connecting with your Guardian Angel, you might not be able to see him with the naked eye but, you can see in the mirror. For that, you need to know how to see your Guardian Angel in the mirror.

It is a very simple technique that involved you sitting in front of a mirror while summoning him. Once you feel that he has been summoned, slowly open your eyes, and look into the mirror, you will find your Guardian Angel being beside you.

It is not recommended to suddenly open your eyes and look into the mirror as the light of the Guardian Angel is too much for the eyes to bear. Thus, slowly opening your eyes will make the light less intensified and easier for you to see him.

When you see him in the mirror, your heart will start pounding very fast, and you will experience a gush of energy running through your body. Do not panic, calm your body, and breathe slowly. The Guardian Angel will not bring you any harm.

Your Guardian Angel Always Has Your Back

In any time of need, if you do not have anyone besides you to help you in tough circumstances, you should never feel alone. Your Guardian Angel always has your back as long as you have a good heart and a pure intention of not hurting another individual.

If you ever need any help, guidance, or assistance, you should never hesitate to call upon your Guardian Angel, as his purpose is to serve you in making your life better.

When you know how to see your guardian angel and you summon him and connect with your Guardian Angel, before you make your prayer or are given a chance to make a prayer to ask for help, guidance, or assistance, your whole life will become a movie and will play in your mind.

Your Guardian Angel will make sure to establish a good connection with you by showing you all the memories of your life that have been stored with him since you were a baby and as you grew up through your teenage years into adulthood.

One by one, all the phases of your life will reflect in your memory which will make you believe that the Guardian Angel has been with you since your birth and knew every secret of your life; even if you have tried to hide it from everyone.

He has the keys to unlock all your desires, your wishes, your secrets, and your memories. Even memories that you have locked up and thrown away, he can bring them back if you ask him to do so.

How to see your guardian angel

Always ensure that you do not ask for something that has any sort of potential to harm any other individual. Angels are there to assist you whenever you want but, will not answer your prayers if you wish to bring someone else any type of harm.

Angels exist to bring success into your life, not to harm anyone. So, make your prayers wisely, and always know in your mind that your Guardian Angel has your back in the time of need; if anyone else is not there to help you out.

Watching for Signs of your Guardian Angel

Seeing your Guardian Angel in the mirror is only one method. They may appear anywhere, and you must keep an eye out for their presence, as angelic presence is often a sign in itself.

We’re going to explore some of the most common ways Guardian Angels appear to us, but keep in mind that you’ll always be able to feel the presence of your Guardian Angel, even if they’ve appeared in a manner that isn’t mentioned here.

Trust your intuition to guide you.

Sign #1 – Do you Feel Tingling on your Head?

When an angel or another spiritual being is present, you may feel a tingling sensation on the top of your head. Sometimes this sensation will feel like it’s on your head, but other times it might even feel slightly above it.

This is because your Crown Chakra is being activated by the high vibrational energy of a spiritual being. Your body, mind, and soul are all trying to nudge your attention towards this angel or guide’s presence.

The Crown Chakra is the 7th Chakra, and it holds a special connection to the spiritual realm. Next time you feel tingling on or above your head, take a moment to retrace your thoughts to see if your angel may have been guiding you towards something.

Sign #2 – Is Someone there?

Learning to trust your intuition can be a challenging process, and it’s certainly one that requires patience, but your intuition is like a spiritual compass. When you learn how to listen to it, you’ll find yourself being guided along your spiritual path.

Sometimes when we’re alone, we feel as if there is someone there with us. This can even happen when we’re not alone. It might be that you’re in a room with two friends but keep getting the feeling that there’s a third.

This may be your intuition making you aware of the presence of your Guardian Angel. In these moments, you may choose to reach out to them or pay attention to any additional signs that may follow.

Sign #3 – Can you Hear Muffled Voices?

Guardian Angels will sometimes talk to us quietly to get our attention. When they are near you, it may be possible to hear whispering or quiet murmuring. This method encourages us to pay closer attention to our surroundings, both on a physical and spiritual level.

Your Guardian Angel could just speak to you, but then you’d miss out on the lesson: that angel signs won’t always be incredibly obvious and direct, and so you’ll need to use your mind and soul to better connect with the Spiritual Realm.

Sign # 4 – Did the temperature just change?

The presence of an angel can cause the temperature of the air around you to change slightly. It’s always a minor change, but it’s enough that you’ll suddenly feel warmer or cooler.

For some people, this will result in their body shivering or the hairs on their skin standing up on end. Pay attention to any sudden changes in temperature as it just might be a sign that your Guardian Angel is present.

Sign #5 – Are you Seeing Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers can be any number. A number becomes an angel number when we see it repeatedly and feel a connection or pull towards it. Each angel number is a message, one that contains a range of meanings.

One interesting thing about these numbers is that they’re always here; they already exist within the physical realm. Your angels don’t send them here, they simply guide your attention towards it.

Seeing angel numbers is a sign that your angels are contacting you, but it’s often a sign of their presence as well, as they will remain nearby to help guide us to these numbers.

Sign #6 – Did you see something that others can’t?

Just as it’s important to trust your intuition, it’s also important to trust your senses. Don’t allow the experiences of others to shape your view of the world.

For example, if you can see a cloud that looks like an angel, but it just looks like a cloud to your friends, that could be a sign to you that your angel is present. Similarly, babies and animals can often detect the presence of an angel in a way that we can’t.

If your baby seems to be watching something, but you can’t see anything, then your Guardian Angel may be present. Another example of this phenomenon is seeing colorful orbs.

It might feel as if your eyes are playing tricks on you, or the orbs may vanish before you can fully focus on them, but don’t disregard this sign.

Some people believe that these orbs are how angels travel to and from the spiritual realm, but it’s more likely that this is just how our eyes interpret something non-physical.

Sign #7 – Did you find a feather?

Finding a feather is one of the most common signs of angelic presence. Any feather can be an angel sign, but it’s often a white feather. Some feathers will appear in unusual places e.g. one may float through an open window in your home and land next to you.

But it’s also completely normal to find these signs in places where feathers are common e.g. a forest. You’ll feel that there’s something more to the feather when you find it.

Sign #8 – Can you smell something sweet?

Sometimes we can detect a spiritual sensation through our other senses. One example of this is when our sense of smell detects something despite there being no source.

If you smell something sweet without an apparent cause, then this might be a sign that your angel is present. The smell doesn’t necessarily have to be sweet, but it will be pleasant.

Sign #9 – Did an angel visit you in a dream?

Of course, your angel won’t always visit you within the physical realm. Your dream state offers a connection between your mind and the spiritual realm. Dreaming about angels in any capacity is often considered a sign.

But if you have a dream about an angel visiting you, then there can be no doubt in your mind that your Guardian Angel is present. When you wake up, consider making a note of any words, numbers, symbols, or ideas that appeared in that moment of your dream.

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