Ramiel: The Angel of Thunder


You’re probably familiar with some of the more commonly mentioned angels such as Gabriel or Michael, but have you ever heard of Ramiel? We’re going to explore the history and purpose of this spiritual character as well as take a look at a simple prayer you can use to reach out to him.

In this article, we’re going to take some time to look at this lesser-known angel who goes by many titles: Archangel Ramiel, Guardian Angel Ramiel, and Ramiel Angel of Thunder. You may also find various spellings of his name from Ramiel to Remiel (we’ll use both spellings here). 

Who is He?

The simplest place to start when discussing any angel or spiritual figure is with the basics: who are they? In this case, Archangels Ramiel is what is known as a ‘fallen watcher’. His name translates in various ways depending on the components of the original Hebrew that you focus on.

The Ramiel meaning can be “thunder of God” or “mercy of God”, which may seem to be slightly contradictory but so is the story of this fallen watcher. First off, what is a watcher?

A watcher is simply the term used throughout the Bible and other holy books to describe an angel. So what does the term fallen watcher mean?

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The Fallen Watchers

The idea of fallen watchers is prominent within the Book of Enoch and the Book of Daniel. The term watcher can be translated as being watchful or awake when we examine the original Hebrew language.

The idea of a fallen watcher is the same as a fallen angel: in this case, it refers to the war between God and Lucifer, whereby many angels chose to fight against God to aid Lucifer in his fight for power. This is where we first find mention of Ramiel and his story doesn’t begin on the side of God but rather on the side of Lucifer.

Many of these angels who chose to defy God were mentioned as appearing on Earth alongside humanity, some choosing to interact with our early cultures and societies. They took wives, they produced offspring, and most importantly, they taught forbidden knowledge.

This was viewed as an act of defiance and so they were cast out from heaven, hence the name “fallen angels”. Most would carry on, living their lives on Earth, away from their previous angelic duties, and out of touch with God. However, Ramiel chose to act differently.

Despite being one of the leaders mentioned within the Book of Enoch, number 6 on the list, in fact, he didn’t want to roll over and accept that Heaven and God would be out of his reach. Instead, he pleaded with God and begged for forgiveness, and eventually, he found his way back into Heaven.

He now plays a very active role within God’s upper circle of Angels. However, there is still a lot of confusion as to who Ramiel actually is and what purpose he actually serves.

Archangels and Seraphim

Ramiel is described as being the Archangel of hope which sounds relatively straightforward in of itself but there is actually a great deal of confusion. You see, Ramiel is an Archangel which is the highest rank within heaven, other than God of course.

But there are also mentions of him being Seraphim which are a slightly different heavenly creature. The confusion lies with the fact that within Christianity, Seraphs are also ranked as the highest within angels.

They look very different though and serve a different purpose. Within the Bible, it is mentioned that they have six wings, two of which are used to cover their face.

The role of Seraphim can seem a little bizarre within the Bible as they are described as circling the throne of God repeating the words “holy, holy, holy” over and over again.

It’s possible that this is symbolic of their role as protectors of the holy throne and reminders that God is the holiest being to exist.

Further confusion comes from the mistranslation of Ramiel and other Archangel names. For example, within the 4th book of Esdras, many translations reveal his name to be Uriel or Jeremiel, who are both other Archangels.

The Role of Ramiel

Ramiel has played a significant role throughout the history of Earth: from appearing in visions connected to the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch to fighting against God’s angels on the side of Satan. Nowadays, he plays a slightly different role.

It is true that Ramiel interacts with visions but typically he helps us to decipher and understand visions rather than appearing in them himself to relay messages. Of particular interest to Ramiel is preserving and teaching the true history of the Earth.

It should come of no surprise then that Ramiel shares a special connection with historians, scholars, archaeologists, and others connected to historical ideas. It is also said that he is one of the 5 angels who will appear on the last day to lead the worthy souls to Heaven.

So as you can see from this information, whatever sinful acts Ramiel has committed in the past, he now plays an important role within Heaven and is trusted by God.

If anything, he is a lesson and an inspiration to anyone who has made a mistake in their life since you can now see that it’s never too late to change your ways.


Finally, we’re going to cover a quick prayer to Ramiel for those of you who are struggling to understand visions. Just remember that this is just an example. You can use it word for word but it’s always better to reach out from within yourself rather than from a screen or a piece of paper:

Dear Ramiel, protector of the throne of God, the angel of thunder, I reach out to you now to ask for your help. I have received a vision and despite taking every step,

I can to interpret its meaning, I find myself lost all the same. I ask that you send me a sign to guide me in the right direction. Amen.

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