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What is the Difference between Spirit Guide and Angel

Spiritual guides, spirit animals, angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, are all terms that you may hear being thrown around, often being used as general terms for spiritual beings. So, what is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel?

The reason for the confusion is that each of these types of spiritual beings shares similarities with the others, and for many people, these similarities blur the line between one type of being and another.

What are some of the different types of angels? What is an angel? And can you learn how to see angels and spirits? These are just some of the questions we’re going to answer.

Angels vs Spirit Guides

What is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel? To answer that, we’re going to look at angels and spirit guides individually in order to separate their differences and explore each in more detail.

Before we delve in, we have to understand some of the core aspects that separate these two types of beings. For starters, the creation of each being is completely different. Angels are created as angels by God.

They are his messengers, his workers, sort of like the worker ants of a colony that serves a singular Queen. Angels have never been human and have never experienced life as mortals on Earth.

There are many, many different types of angels as well as just to confuse matters. Spiritual guides, on the other hand, are souls that have reached a high enough level along their spiritual journey that they can offer wisdom and guidance to others.

These beings have lived human lives and were once in the same position as you or me. This is the key difference between the two, and in answering what is the difference between spirit guide and angel, it’s certainly one of the most apparent differences.

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Spirit Guides

As we explore each of these beings individually, we’ll be able to see the similarities as well as the subtle difference between what they are and their role within this universe.

As we already mentioned, spiritual guides are souls that have ascended beyond the physical realm and are now furthering their spiritual journey by aiding us along with ours.

Imagine that you get a new job and it’s your first day. It’s likely that somebody more experienced would be given the role of showing you the ropes.

They would help you understand the ins and outs of the role, give you advice about how things work, and be there to answer any questions you may have.

Guide function

A guide serves a similar function. The number of guides that each person can have varies. It’s widely accepted that each person has at least one spirit guide, but you can have as many as seven, if not more.

Most people have connected to one of their spirit guides by the age of 21, and by this point in your life, you will already have set spirit guides, even if you’re yet to interact with them.

You’ll always have a primary spirit guide who is always with you, ready to offer advice or guidance.

Reaching out to your spiritual guide is typically done via meditation, but your guide may choose to visit you in dreams as well in order to relay messages, guidance, or to simply let you know that they are there with you.

You also get spirit animals, but these are slightly different. Where spirit guides are human souls that have ascended, spirit animals are typically forms of energy that have been designated a singular purpose e.g. protection or companionship.

So, what is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel?

What is the Difference between Spirit Guide and Angels

What are angels? Angels are the servants of God and exist beyond the physical world. There are believed to be around 10 types of an angel, that we know of, and most of these never venture to Earth or interact with humanity.

One of the areas that cause confusion is that the lowest rank of an angel is simply known as angels. What is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel?

Let’s explore that by looking at some of the types of the angel that are most commonly confused with spirit guides: Guardian Angels and angels.

As we mentioned earlier, angels are like the working bees of the hive, but much more important. They are governed by the Archangels who serve as supervisors to these beings, passing on the word and plan of God.

Angels are responsible for keeping God’s universe flowing according to the grand plan, but within scripture, they are most commonly mentioned as serving the role of messenger e.g. telling Mary that she would give birth to the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Angels can offer us advice and guidance in a manner very similar to that of the spirit guide. Angels take a less hands-on approach to leading us along the correct path.

They are always watching us, but from afar, whereas our spirit guide travels with us wherever we go. Angels are also part of God, and so by communicating and interacting with them, we’re also interacting with God.

Who is my Guardian Angel?

Who is my Guardian Angel? Well, when we’re asking: what is the difference between spirit guide and angel, Guardian angels are typically where the confusion lies. The truth is that the two types of spiritual beings couldn’t be more different.

The reason for the misunderstanding lies mostly with confusion surrounding the role of the Guardian Angel. Many people consider Guardian Angels to be like spirit guides, in that they exist to protect us and guide us.

In reality, Guardian Angels aren’t here for us, they are here for God. Their only function is to make sure the universe follows God’s plan. They offer us advice and provide spiritual protection when we need it, provided the outcome is part of God’s plan.

They aren’t spiritual butlers, despite what many people believe. So, we can see that spirit guides are here to guide us, while Guardian angels are here to guide the universe and protect us within it.

So, what is the difference between a spirit guide and an angel? Have you already reached the conclusion?

So, as we can see, there is some clear and not-so-clear difference between spirit guides and angels. The confusion lies mostly with misunderstandings surrounding the role of angels in our lives, particularly Guardian angels.

Where angels keep the universe moving along according to God’s plan, they also protect us from evils. Spiritual guides, on the other hand, are more likewise masters.

They don’t offer us protection, but they do aid our spiritual advancement and can provide healing energies.

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