A Guardian Angel Ritual of Angelic Protection

Angelic protection

If doubts take over, if you feel the influence of harmful waves weighing too heavily down on you, I suggest you put this angelic ritual into practice, one that will comfort you. I am talking about an angelical ritual capable of making you receive optimal protection from your Guardian Angel against negative energies.

Steps to perform the ritual of Angelic Protection – different steps to know:

  • You must take an incense stick,
  • Carefully light it,
  • Firmly hold it between your joined hands,
  • Slowly pronounce the following secret formula:

I am invoking your angelic presence,

Oh, my Angel of Light.

Help me obtain what I expect from you because my request is fair and decent.

I am invoking you through Heaven and Earth,

Through the Sun and through the Moon, place me out of the reach of malicious spirits.

By the smoke of this incense, I thank you, my Guardian Angel.

May it be so and may Peace forever reign in us!

Repeat this ritual each Saturday for 4 weeks in a row while you open your mind to the beneficial energies of your Protective Guardian Angel. Believe in yourself, have faith in your better future, and all that you dreamed in the past, will be really soon a reality in your life! Be and think positive and you will see that the world around, will soon change for the better!

One month to be protected against painful shackles with your angelic ritual

After one month, you should feel released from the painful shackles that were holding you back. Your enemies should get away from you or, better still, come back to you, repentant, and the joie de vivre should finally settle in your heart again.

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