Archangel Uriel, the Divine Fire’s Archangel

archangel uriel

If you are suffering; if you are beset by doubts or if your life is in disarray; if you have lost your way… invoke the Archangel Uriel: he will intercede in your favor and your heart will quickly become lighter.

Who is the Archangel Uriel, also known as the Fourth Guardian of the Angels?

Uriel is the fourth archangel and he is considered to be the most intelligent of the Celestial world. The other three archangels are Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael.

The Archangel status is the highest status in the hierarchy of the Angels. Like them, Uriel can guide you to your Guardian Angel. Uriel means (in Hebrew) “Son of God” or “Fire of God”, depending on the tradition.

He can be found in Jewish writings and is recognized by the Orthodox, Anglican, and Roman Catholic Churches. Uriel is the Prince of Light. He is often pictured with a celestial flame coming out of his open hand and going skywards.

But in some engravings, he can be seen with a book lying at his feet. This book is the guide to medicinal plants he had offered Adam.

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Questions you can ask the Fourth Guardian?

What can you ask of him? Archangel Uriel is the one who brings knowledge to men and provides an understanding of the Divine.

He is said to be the archangel of Prophecy since, according to the writings, God sent him to warn Noah that a flood was going to strike the earth.

He carries the word of the Divine. He is also the one who predicts. Therefore, this Archangel can be invoked under any circumstances: especially when you are looking for your Guardian Angel.

When you suffer to the depths of your soul, Uriel can help you ease this inner suffering. He can fix the suffering of the soul and heart.

He can also be invoked to unlock a situation that seems to be in a deadlock. Uriel can guide you on the right path… a path made of love and peace.

If you have any trouble communicating with Uriel, invoke your Guardian Angel, it will ease your communication with Uriel.

More facts about Uriel, the Fourth Guardian of the Angels

What you also need to know about him: Agrippa von Nettesheim, known as Cornelius Agrippa, who was considered as one of the greatest scholars in occult sciences of all time, said the 4 Archangels reside in the four cardinal points of the celestial world.

He also said that these celestial points were the points marking the beginning of the four terrestrial seasons. And Agrippa advised peasants to invoke Uriel, the fourth Guardian of the Angels and Archangels, on the first summer day so that the harvest might be bountiful.

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