Damabiah, the angel that vivifies all things


Damabiah shelters us from negative emotions and leads us to the joy provided by the intelligence of the heart.


Who is Damabiah?

Damabiah is the Guardian Angel of people born between February 10 and February 14.

Damabiah rules over intuition and sensitivity, over magic and the knowledge of subtle plans. It is said that invoking him can enable you to get rid of spells to make a fortune!

He greatly favors methods aimed at ascending to Wisdom such as meditation, relaxation, and self-help. The Angel Damabiah also offers us the opportunity to detect and develop our psychic gifts.

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Characteristics of this angel

  • Damabiah’s element: AIR
  • Damabiah’s location in the Zodiac: from degree 21 to degree 25 in the Aquarius constellation
  • Position in the celestial hierarchy: He is the first of 8 Angels belonging to the Choir of the Angels called “those who look like Children”. This choir is governed by the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel (also called “God’s Strength” or “God who sees everything”) is the Archangel who symbolizes Hope.
  • Influence distributed by Damabiah: Success

Damabiah’s seal

His name means “God who vivifies all things”. Damabiah is linked to the “Fountain of Wisdom”, which lies at the root of all life, all creation and achievement.

Focusing on Damabiah’s Seal when you invoke him to ask for his Help will help you solve the most complicated situations, no matter how bleak they seem to be.

What are his fields of action?

  • Magic
  • Wisdom
  • Imagination
  • Joy
  • Luck

Why invoke him?

  • Money, gains at games
  • The openness of the heart
  • Love, friendship
  • Smooth relationships
  • Harmony in your emotional relationships
  • Ability to overcome depression
  • Successful business
  • Protection while you travel
  • Be one with nature and notably with water

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