Manage Angel Card – How to manage your Sensitive Energy

manage angel card

We’ll cover the manage angel card (and what a manage angel card is), choosing more comfortable situations, healing, and releasing energy. When it comes to being an energy-sensitive person, there are pros and cons.

On the one hand, being able to pick up on the energy levels surrounding you, other people and other aspects of the world is an incredibly useful gift to have. 

On the other hand, being empathetic on its own can become a bit much, never mind connecting with the energy in this manner. As such, in this article, we will explore some of the ways you can learn to control this sensitivity. 

Energy sensitive person

Before we take a look at managing being sensitive to energy, we have to explore what exactly it means. You’re probably aware of what empathy is: the ability to connect to another person’s emotions to the extent of feeling what they feel.

An energy sensitivity is the same idea but on a larger scale. It’s the ability to pick up on the energies exuded from others. This can extend to physical pain, spiritual pain, or emotional pain.

This is what it can be like to be an energy-sensitive person. To every person, spiritual gifts can present themselves in different ways, and sometimes there is an adjustment period before your gift starts to feel like a gift.

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Once someone becomes used to this gift, they can use it as such. Up until that point, it can be a bit of a burden. Imagine for a moment that you’re having a great day, perhaps you’ve been out in the sun or have been competing in a sport that you enjoy when suddenly your mood drops: you feel dark, scared, angry or sad and you can’t quite place the cause.

Manage Angel Card

You’re probably wondering what the term manage angel card could mean. Well, the manage angel card is a term used to represent reaching out to your angels in search of aid in managing a gift. It’s simply like telling someone to reach out to their angels.

This is without a doubt one of the most efficient ways to begin managing your sensitivity. Angel energies are incredibly powerful and as such, they can restrict the strength of your gift until you learn to manage it on your own.

Angels will always limit your gift as little as possible. If they think that you can handle the gift then you’ll find that your sensitivity remains pretty high, even uncomfortably so. It might not seem it at the time but they are doing you a favor by forcing you to embrace your gift. It’s like going for a run.

If you never push yourself and always stop when you begin to get tired, you’ll never improve. In comparison, if you push through the discomfort then you’ll start to improve and soon that level of the run will be incredibly easy for you.

Choose your Situations

One way you can limit the energy that you’re exposed to is by choosing your environment carefully. Your sensitivity will fluctuate at times and so on days where it seems extremely sensitive, you may want to avoid crowded places or areas of low or negative energy.

You can’t avoid these places your entire life (and nor should you) but when you’re just too sensitive to the energy it can be a critical step in easing yourself into your new ability gradually.

This is one situation where diving into the deep end isn’t wise or productive, instead, you should lower yourself gradually into the pool, so to speak. Of course, there are other benefits to choosing your environment that we’ll look at now.

The Positivity of Nature

On top of choosing your environment, there is an added benefit to leaving the negativity that cities and crowded areas usually provide.

By escaping into nature and among the trees, for ex., especially somewhere free of buildings, technology, people, and everything else, you’ll not only notice your mind and spirit being truly at peace but you can bask in the positive energy that these areas provide.

Having energy sensitivity isn’t limited to picking up negative energy and as such, by being in energy overflowing with positive energy, you too will be full to the brim with energy.

It allows you to truly experience the positive element of your gift. You can also use the “manage angel card” while in nature to enhance the experience.

Release your Emotions

When you’re prone to picking up the emotions and energies of other people, it’s common to lose sight of your own. Being able to experience your own emotions and detect your energy is essential for your health and sanity.

So you need to take some time to release your emotions and energies in such a manner that you can come to realize what you’re feeling. One simple way of doing this is to use a journal or diary.

You could do a video diary, audio diary, type everything up on a computer or write it down in a notebook. Choose the method that feels the most natural to you.

You don’t have to be too specific but you should try and write in it regularly and express the range of emotions you’ve felt throughout the day such as an event that made you happy, someone who made you feel annoyed, perhaps something you read that was sad. Just express your feelings so that you can differentiate between your own emotions and those of others.

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