Uncovering the Truth about the Archangel Sachiel!


There are many archangels throughout the universe, so many that we don’t even have an estimate of their number. The Bible mentions 3 by name, and most spiritual groups acknowledge at least 12 or 13, but there could be hundreds, maybe even thousands. One of the lesser-known Archangels goes by the name of Sachiel.

You may know him as well, sometimes spelled Sachael. We’re going to explore the nature of this being, why he’s remained hidden for so long, his role within the universe, and more. To begin with, we’re going to consider the role of an Archangel.

What are Archangels?

Archangels are different from angels, Guardian Angels, spirit guides, and many of the other spiritual beings you may or may not interact with during your journey. Archangels are higher servants of God and work to keep the universe moving along its destined path according to God’s plan.

Archangels are also responsible for the more common groups of angels. Each Archangel covers a different aspect of the universe, the Earth, humanity, or personality. For example, Archangel Michael is commonly associated with strength.

His role is much larger than that, but when we invoke his power, that’s typically the reason why we’d call him. Archangel Gabriel is associated with communication, while Archangel Raphael is associated with healing.

By invoking the power of the correct Archangel, we avoid wasting their time, but also allow ourselves to fully benefit from their guidance, knowledge, or energy.

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Who is Angel Sachiel?

So, who exactly is Sachiel, and why are we only hearing about him now? The difficulty with Archangels, and in fact any spiritual being, is that they aren’t bound to the physical world in the same way we are.

There is a potentially infinite universe for them to govern, control, aid, and so an Archangel can vanish for hundreds of years, thousands of years, or maybe even longer. They only return when God commands it and usually it is to serve a specific purpose. So, why is Sachiel returning to Earth now?

Like the other Archangels, Sachiel is the Archangel of many things, but most notably he is known as the Archangel of wealth. People often confuse wealth to simply mean possessing an abundance of money. This can be the case, but it carries a much broader meaning, one that applies to Sachiel.

He is responsible for prosperity among humanity and the success of our endeavors (especially within a career). He also plays a role in our desire for material gain, as well as the harvest we receive from crops each year. Lastly, Sachiel is a water angel.

Water is a pure element, known for cleansing our body, mind, and spirit. We can use water for clearing our internal body through drinking it, we can wash externally with it, and we can cleanse our spirit of negative energies with it.

Angels of water aren’t rare, and even among ancient civilizations, there were always stories of spiritual beings who held deep connections with water. Angel water still exists today in certain pools and lakes.

Calling to Sachiel

So why might you reach out to Sachiel? If you’re hoping to find a shortcut to getting rich, then he won’t be able to help you. However, if you’re having financial difficulties and worry that you’re not strong enough to cope, then Sachiel can help you.

Like Archangel Micheal and Arcangel Gabriel, he works with us to bring hope into our hearts and positive energy into our spirits. His light can shine down upon you and rekindle your desire to search out new spiritual experiences and help those who are less fortunate than yourself.

Sachiel has chosen now to return to Earth because our societies have become fixated on money and material gain. As abundance is his domain, his role is to guide us back towards a world of means, rather than abundance.

If you find yourself being wasteful then he can help guide you towards a more effective and healthier lifestyle, one that has a much smaller impact on the animals and plants of this world.

Sachiel can also guide us towards our truer selves. We all have a higher potential that we can reach, but often we allow ourselves to stay at a lower level because it’s more convenient than pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones.

Through his knowledge and wisdom, he can lead us towards a deeper understanding of spirituality, and a fuller sense of faith and trust in ourselves.

Invoking Sachiel

Archangel invocation is a method for calling upon the power that an Archangel possesses. You may call upon the power of Gabriel to aid you in getting a point across or for convincing a family member to seek help.

You may invoke the power of Raphael to cleanse your spirit of damage or aid in the healing of an injury.  What about Sachiel?

We’re going to take a look at a couple of examples of Archangel Sachiel’s invocations. For example, you may need his assistance in managing the aspects of your life that have become excessive:

Archangel Sachiel, I invoke your ability to manage abundance effectively!

Similarly, you may find yourself in need of the purification aspects of this Archangel. When we live busy lives, we can often neglect our spirituality which can create blocked Chakras and uncomfortable side effects:

Sachiel, Archangel of wealth and water, I call upon your power and ask that you rid my spirit of negativity, allowing me to feel the natural positivity of the world once again!

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