Hahahel, Three-Facet God


Hahahel symbolizes a generous heart and Faith in the Divine. He is a “Three-Facet God” because he represents Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty.


Who is Hahahel?

Hahahel is the Guardian Angel of the people who were born between October 14 and 18. He teaches men how to discover the goldmine they have inside. He teaches them how to use it so as to ascend to the Divine and to share them with others in Joy.

The Angel Hahahel reminds us that we are part of a whole and that everyone’s happiness contributes to general well-being.

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This angel’s characteristics

  • Element: AIR
  • Hahahel’s location in the Zodiac: between the 21st and 25th degree in the Libra sphere.
  • Position in the celestial hierarchy: Hahahel is the first of the 8 Angels making up the Virtue Choir (also called “the Spirits of Motion”), which is governed by the Archangel Michael. Michael (also known as “God’s Reflection”) is the Archangel that embodies Power.

Hahahel’s seal:

As I said, he is a “Three-Facet God”. He also encourages men not to stray away from the path that leads to the Divine.

Focusing on Hahahel’s Seal when you invoke him to request his Help will enable you to acquire the strength to mature, the strength that provides Divine Joy.

  • Influence distributed by Hahahel: fulfillment

What are his fields of action?

  • Happiness
  • Beatitude
  • Wisdom
  • Beauty
  • Strength

Why invoke Hahahel?

  • For spiritual evolution
  • To discover your own inner world
  • To discover the direction to follow in life
  • To like altruism
  • To be able to detach yourself from things
  • To focus on your actions
  • To find calm you need to meditate
  • To have the desire to help others
  • To have the power to command

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