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Who is my Guardian Angel and how to see him?


They keep surrounding us with their angelical aura but, still, their presence is always hard to perceive. Who are the Angels? How to see them? How do they watch over us? Does every human being have a Guardian Angel? If so, who is he and how to meet him? I am often asked all these questions and I must admit that they are of the greatest interest. That is why I have decided to reveal the answers to you.

Angels exist

“The invisible presence of these blessed spirits is of great help and comfort to us: They walk alongside us and protect us in every circumstance, they defend us from dangers and we can turn to them at every moment.”

Do you know to whom this quote belongs? And whom this person is referring to?

This is what Pope Benedict XVI said during a public speech, on September 29, 2008, and he was talking about our Guardian Angels.

The existence of Guardian Angels is attested to in every tradition. No Religion – whether Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism – questions the fact that they do exist.

It is said in every belief that Guardian Angels seek to do good for human beings and want to bring them happiness and salvation. It is stated that they act on human beings’ future through their divine presence, always seeking to show them the path that leads to Happiness.

Each person on Earth has a personal Guardian Angel who is part of the Angels’ choir. And each Guardian Angel is the Messenger of this person, the one that guides them on the Path to Good by manifesting the principles of the mind and of hope in the concrete world of matter.

How to see my Guardian Angel?

The Day when your confidence in your Guardian Angel has developed to the point that you merge with the Love he has for you, then, he will manifest himself to you. You will see him, he will talk to you, you will recognize him.

Your Protective Angel will appear before your eyes under a human guise, one that represents its most beautiful and purest expression and, as attested by the sacred texts (and my own experience), you will certainly see him bearing wings because he will come from the World of the Angels for you.

Will you see a child full of grace and ingenuousness or a young man radiant with nobility and beauty? Will he appear in a circle of light or in an enchanting blaze?

You will let me know when the time has come, when you have invoked him as I have taught you. This very day will be one of the greatest days of your life. It will also, and above all, mark the beginning of a new life!


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