Mont Saint Michel, a sacred place

Mont Saint Michel

From Australia to Europe and the Polar Circle, sacred and out-of-the-ordinary places can be found all over the world, places where men have been communing since the dawn of time. To begin this wonderful round-the-world trip, I suggest we stop in France, on the Mont Saint Michel … A wonder among Wonders

What is called a sacred place?

Legendary, sacred places where history was written. Particular vibrations prevail in these wonderful locations. Legends and stories that are as wonderful as they are extraordinary can be found there, buried like treasures.

They are sometimes places of pilgrimage or contemplation. Sometimes, they are magical places too where all-natural rules elude science. Our visible world very often opens the door to the world of energies and invisible entities. He who can see, hear, and capture the impalpable can very often derive extremely great benefits.

The fabulous Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a place where the Sacred and Good prevail over Evil. This small rocky island of a bit more than 3,000 feet (900 meters) in circumference, which is located in the English Channel, is an absolute pearl. It was listed as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1979.

But Mont Saint Michel is much more than a fabulous architectural site, it is also a one-of-a-kind sacred place.

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Mont Saint Michel, the shelter of Good

It is indeed there that Saint Michael (Saint Michel in French), Archangel and Prince of the Celestial Militia, fought the Dragon before the eyes of the bishop Aubert, in the 7th century.

Aubert is said to have witnessed a really incredible scene since he saw Saint Michael bring down the Beast before his very eyes. The Dragon, of course, represented “Evil”.

After this glorious battle, Saint Michael appeared once again to the bishop to ask him to build a Church on the mount. The bishop was reluctant to comply with this request since the Mount was, at that time, inhabited by wild animals, brambles, and undergrowth.

The miracle of Saint Michael

The Archangel then pressed his finger heavily on the bishop’s forehead until he fainted. When he came back to his senses, Aubert discovered an imprint between his eyes. He considered it as a Miracle and immediately started the construction process of a church in honor of Saint Michael.

Ever since many apparitions have taken place. Many miracles have occurred on the sacred Mount. Healing can be counted among the miracles.

Mont Saint Michael, a place you can never forget

Whether you are a believer or not, whether you think stories and legends about the Mount are true or not, one thing is certain: the one who meanders just once in the streets of Mont Saint Michel will be caught by the energies, by the beauty of this place and come home as a totally transformed person.

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