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archangel raziel

The name Raziel means “Secret of God”. The name itself depicts how special Archangel Raziel is. Raziel is the keeper of secrets and the Angel of mysteries. His head is surrounded by a glowing aura that is yellow.

If you experience the presence of this angel, it is very likely that you are being delivered some creative ideas. Having the ability to interpret the reality of God and understanding the reality of life, Archangel Raziel can assist you in acknowledging the underlying principles of life.

Table of Contents

The Book of Archangel Raziel

A book by Archangel Raziel is a lengthy book that contains text about everything; including astrology of the planets to processes of the life and death of people.

Written by Raziel, it contains all the secrets of God that were revealed to Angel Raziel so that He can pass them on to the people. The book states that this angel was sent by God to Earth so that Adam could be helped.

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Raziel gave the book to Adam so that Adam could gain knowledge of the world and can learn to survive in it. He guided Adam to understand the knowledge in the book and make use of it to survive.

The book is a complete guide about how to prosper in life and make decisions that will maximize a person’s satisfactory needs.

Heaven, Earth, and Hell

All worldly and non-worldly information can be attained from the book of Archangel Raziel. The book talks about the seven Heavens, how the Earth was created, Hell, the Garden of Eden, and the types and forms of angels and demons that exist amongst us in this world.

If you are having difficulty finding the right path on which to lead a life, either you can call upon Angel Raziel, or you can refer to the Book of Archangel Raziel. Both ways will guide you to the same conclusion; benefit you.

Your connection with deeper faith

A deepening of your faith is not just a coincidence. You suddenly do not just wake up to find your faith being stronger than it was before. Behind the scenes, Angel Raziel is working to strengthen your faith. Most often, God sends Him to us to reveal information that will strengthen our faith.

He can read our minds and can know when our faith is being shattered; and so, can God. Therefore, whenever our faith even starts to shatter, God sends Angel Raziel to deliver sacred messages to us in various forms that will help strengthen our beliefs and therefore lead to stronger faith.

Greater creativity

Being creative is not an easy task, and not everyone is creative. Having different perceptions, however, is what everyone has. But, creativity is one of God’s gifts to special people. At any point in time, if you witness your creative minds taking play, it is a sign that He is inspiring you.

Angel Raziel comes to help you when you are in need of ideas. For example, during a business meeting, you are to present your work and while presenting you forgot what you had to say due to being nervous.

Archangel Raziel will be there to help you out by giving you new ideas as to what can be said so that your presentation does not disappoint the audience. But, for this help to come to you, you need to believe in Him and his capabilities of helping you out.

Whether you need help creating a story or assistance in solving a problem, Angel Raziel will always be available to guide you.

Rainbow light

Rainbow light is a sign that Archangel Raziel is nearby and is thus, the perfect time to make a prayer to him to ask him for assistance regarding any issues you may be facing in life.

The electromagnetic energy reflected from Raziel results in rainbow light. So, if you see any signs of a rainbow around you, whether or not it is raining, prepare yourself to make a prayer to Angel Raziel.

To call upon Angel Raziel, you must first cleanse your heart of any doubts and your mind of any thoughts that you might be incurring.

You must have a pure heart and good intent of making the prayer. Any prayer made with the intent to hurt others would not be answered; if heard.

The process of making a prayer is given as follows:

  • You start by taking deep breaths and clearing your mind.
  • Focus on the prayer you want to make ONLY and do not any other thoughts intervene in this process.
  • Believe that this angel has the powers to answer and solve the problems for which you are praying.
  • Now, make the prayer but, do not direct Raziel of what form of help you need. He knows how to help you and will help you in the best way possible for you.
  • Once you are done making the prayer, thank Archangel Raziel for bestowing his blessings upon you and guiding you to the solution of your problems.
  • Take deep breaths and end your prayer.
  • Drink a small amount of water, so the process of praying comes to an end.

The process of praying, although is very easy, it needs immense amounts of focus and purity of heart and intent. Once that is achieved, your prayer will be heard and answered, and you will be amazed to know in what ways He will bring help to you. Make sure never to doubt his powers and strengths.

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