Archangel Zadkiel: Angel of Mercy


Zadkiel is known as an angel of mercy. The job of Zadkiel is to encourage people and motivate them to return to God and seek forgiveness. There are moments in our life when we feel lost and hopeless, wherever we go, we find nothing, and our will to move on gets eliminated.

These painful moments in our lives are important because they can turn our life into a complete disaster, if not treated. It helps to get over these painful moments and times.

It strengthens your bond with your divine spiritual origin and clears your pathway for future endeavors. Also, brings you closer to God.

Archangel Zadkiel

Angel Zadkiel is a prominent figure in Jewish rabbinic writings. What we lack the most in this world is compassion. It inspires that passion in human beings.

On the other hand, this angel helps people in remembering things so that they can focus on the things that are more important to them.

Zadkiel plots a plan that helps people in getting rid of all the negativity they have in life and makes them do things that God wants them to enjoy.

Empowering people, developing confidence, building healthier relationships, and getting people closer to God are the attributes of this archangel.

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Origin of Zadkiel

In Kabbalah, it occupies the fourth Sephirah on the Tree of Life. The Chesed sphere symbolizes unconditional kindness and God’s manifestation through love upon the Earth.

There are seven archangels in the Gnostic tradition and Pseudo-Dionysius writings. It is one of those seven archangels. He was even identified as one of the seventh by Pope Saint Gregory under his alternative name Zacheriel.

Angel of memory

Facts and figures are very important to remember in our exams. If we forget them, it is certain that we’ll lose a lot of marks. We don’t want this to happen nor does Zadkiel.

Therefore, he is regarded as the “Angel of memory.” Zadkiel Angel’s job is to support students who need to remember the facts and figures in their exams. It will be able to assist humans with memory when they feel the need.

However, there is another aspect to this. We live in this fast-moving world in which we have no time to stand and stare at the little things God made for us.

We forget our purpose in this life under the shadow of this world. For us, it is very important to remember this purpose. It makes sure that we simply don’t sway away purposelessly in our life.


The archangels are associated with various colors. Archangel Zadkiel is associated with Deep Blue Indigo. Which leads the angels whose energy corresponds directly to purple light ray; his aura is Deep Blue Indigo.

The staunch believers in Zadkiel archangel see purple or blue light as a sign of its presence. Whenever they see this light, they hold a firm belief that the Archangel wants to communicate with them.

When to call?

In those painful moments of life, where all hope is lost, and you feel drenched in anger and despair, nothing seems right. Under this burden of restlessness, you want to live free.

This is the perfect time to ask for help. Zadkiel is the great healer of mind and will take you out of every trauma that is bothering you. He’ll shift your focus away from those negative thoughts to all the good times in your life.

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