The Archangel of Safe Travel – Invoke him while you travel!

archangel of safe travel

Wherever you go, there is a risk of accidents or unwanted, unnecessary incidents that you want to avoid, especially when you plan to go out for a holiday.

It is thus very important to call upon your archangel of safe travel while you travel anywhere, and the first step to do this is to relax. Once you relax, it gets easier for you to focus on what you are willing to receive. Discover more about the Archangel of Safe Travel right now…

Archangel Michael and Your Guardian Angel

What you need to do after relaxing, is to call the archangel Michael and your guardian angel to surround your traveling vehicle with a circle of Divine light and their love within it. A small prayer like the following would do the job:

Dear Archangel Michael*,

thank you for surrounding me and my vehicle with your love

and light to help protect me and my companions.

*Or your Guardian Angel

It is just a matter of a few words before you start feeling a change in your energy. You will feel safer as the angels close down on you to safeguard you on your trip to wherever you are about to go.

Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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Anchor the light

To anchor light from the archangel of travel you need to invoke a travel angel and experience an orb of light surrounding you from your head to your toes.

As the light shines upon you, the archangel of safe travel ensures that you do not get affected by any negative energy in your surrounding environment.

The orb of light lets Divine light and love pass through but, blocks any negative energies headed your way. That is the specialty of the orb of light for which you have had to invoke the angel’s travel while you plan a trip.

This is a powerful technique that makes you feel better instantaneously. It does not only benefits you but, also benefits every individual that you encounter.

Archangel of safe travel & the Tornado of Light

Another great method to safeguard yourself while you travel is through the tornado of light. It can be used anywhere regardless of where you intend to travel.

What you have to do in this is to imagine a tornado of light that spirals through the place where you are currently and through the place you intend to travel to. It cleanses everyone it passes and the place as well.

Once you finish, ground yourself to the Earth by feeling and experiencing a connection to the Earth. Imagine as if your energy is going down into the Earth’s core which connects you to the Earth and all that is there within it.

Let your heart be open and let it expand so that it can shine as brightly as is possible. Now, it is time for you to return back to love and know that everything is well as you are safe.

Call the angels if you get lost

At any point, if you think you are not succeeding in any of the mentioned methods, you always have the option of calling upon the angels through a small prayer to invoke them.

They are always with you in your surrounding environment and thus, are always willing to help, guide, and assist you through your life at every stage.

Thank the angels for being there with you at every step of your life and for helping you in times of need when you had no one to help you. Be grateful for your life and towards the angels!

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