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Hearing Your Angel Messages


In the pursuit of peace in life, if you wish to hear the angel messages, they might not appear to you in the form of revelation from a messenger. You have to channel it through your body and pursue it all by yourself. Our life had been easier if it was the other way around, but originally not everyone hears these angel messages in the form of a sound audible to ears. These angelic voices make the use of different routes to get inside the body. However, many people receive these messages through nonverbal means of communication. Some get visions; others feel them inside their minds while the rest have a feeling of knowingness.

What is this voice?

In the most prominent forms of religion, their preachers have claimed a divine connection with the God through the angel messages. Some of them had a direct connection with the creator without the assistance of an arbitrator. This phenomenon that involves hearing the voice of God and the angels in called “Clairaudience.” Clairaudience stems from “clear hearing’ and in most simple words, getting angel messages. It is still unclear how these messages appear.

This angelic voice may sound like our very own, or it may sound very different; indeed compelling. How does this sound emanate? There is not a perfect answer for this. Like the nature of God, it can come to you in any way. You might feel it emanating from within your body one moment and within your mind the next. If not like this, you might feel that this message radiates from the outside and amalgamates to the inside.

We can also relate to this mystery and angel messages through a personal experience. I had a warning from an angel that my car was about to be stolen. I knew it somehow, and it appeared that these angel messages were being delivered to me divinely through a paper towel tube resting outside my right ear. Believe it or not, the very next moment, I was in the middle of a carjacking. Those angel messages didn’t stop and blessed me with life-saving actions this time by speaking to me through an inner voice. Similarly, while receiving the angel messages in my book, Angel therapy, I could easily hear the words both from the inside and outside my mind.

How to convince your conscience over angel messages?

It is a common human nature to doubt things before forming a rigid belief on something. We ask ourselves questions and try to seek refuge under our conscience. It is true for the angel messages as well. At first, a person might end up into believing that the idea of talking to angels is just a figment of mind or wishful thinking. In this stage, you are consciously interacting with the angels, but a trust isn’t developed.

The angel messages might make you believe that this is merely a fantasy. You do want to seek refuge under the angels, but consciously you get a thought that you are doing something wrong and the angels might not notice you. If you think that there isn’t any solution to this sense of feeling, you are wrong. If you want to convince your conscience into talking to angels, you need to remove the uncertainty through faith, practice, and complete surrender.

After deliberations, if the faith in the angel messages is still uncertain, turn to God for help. Pray. Request God for instilling more faith into you. Surrender all the fears that are stopping you from having full faith. It is certain that the Divine universe always fulfills a request for more faith.

How to differentiate angelic voices from the others?

We have all forms of voices radiating from the outside and appearing from the inside but how could one differentiate the angel messages from the others? The angelic voices are consistently supportive and loving, even in the circumstances when they warn us of future catastrophes and wrong turns.

These messages will always support however it can. The psychotherapists are trained professionally to count hearing voices as a potent symbol of insanity. However, the voice of the ego is always the only source of insanity; angel bells aren’t. It is very easy to point out these evil voices. The voices, drenched with ego, are always destructive, abusive, and impulsive. This very ego will turn tables to make you into believing that you’ll fail. It is never constant and changes over the course of a week. These ego voices in contrast to angel messages make your life chaotic and fear-filled.

On the other hand, angel bells pave your road to peace day by day and give you an ultimate guidance. You can look at this in another way too. We all have that inner voice that craves for something we want to achieve. For example, your angels may tell you for years that you can become a great author or healer. There might be a time in life where these angel messages want you to take better care of your body. Thus, it will become a common notion that the guidance that is loving and demands you to be focused and not hurtful to you or your family is from angels. You will sense angels talking to you because the voice is very consistent.

Angelic assistance through Clairaudience

As we have already discussed, there are many ways to receive angelic assistance. It varies from person to person and time to time. It depends upon your level of faith and trust in these angel messages and angel bells. One of the ways through which one can receive angelic assistance is Clairaudience. In this particular method, you receive your angel message through pictures and visual mental images. We call this particular method “clairvoyance” or “clear seeing.”The question being that how do these images reach you? We tell you that these angel messages or angel bells come to you as single snapshot images. The images might appear from the inside or the outside.

Sometimes, it is possible that you have a vision of miniature scenes from a movie. However, don’t expect to see these images in high resolution. They might be black-and-white or colored. The angel messages are always symbolic. They always express a deep concern in your actions such as seeing a stop sign that indicates you should take some rest, slow down the pace you are moving with, or stop whatever you are doing.

Once you have practiced talking to angels, you will readily understand the meaning of these visual images by intuition. For instance, you catch a sigh of a trophy and instinctively remarking the possibility of great success ahead. However, there might a time when the angel messages might be confusing. Make sure you ask for assistance. Start talking to angels and ask them for their assistance. Ask them for a bit clarification and continue doing so until the meaning isn’t completely certain.

What happens if you shut down your clairvoyance?

Humans are capable of taking decisions emotionally. Under the light of fear, we may stop ourselves from doing something. The same is the case with angelic voices and angel messages. There might be a time when you shut down all the channels of communication because of a prevailing fear. This occurs mostly when these angelic channels show you a frightening image of the future that disturbs you mentally. At this point, you don’t want the angel messages anymore, and you turn off your clairvoyance.

There are many instances of this in my life. One of my clients shut down her clairvoyance when she was a young girl. The fear of seeing her parents divorcing in the future made her close the channel of the angel messages. Another client closed the channel when she foresaw herself having an affair with a married co-worker, and instinctively, she wanted to continue her interactions with this co-worker while wearing the blinders to the truth.

One of the older clients was trying to ignore a steady angelic voice within which wanted her to work at a different place. She couldn’t because of her lack of faith in God to fulfill her material needs during this job transition.

Therefore, it is entirely normal for someone to shut off his or hers clairvoyance. As it has been already established, the reason behind this is the fear of seeing something that you don’t want. As much as you want to get messages, the probability of harboring deep-seated fear is very natural. It is equal to seeing a ghost in real.

However, the angels talking to you honor such fears. Not, in any case, you will see any angelic apparitions, but the trick lies in understanding the fact that these visions would only comfort you, not frighten.

Angelic assistance through clairsentience

Clairsentienceis angelic guidance through emotions and physical sensations. It is also known as “clear feeling.” You get the angels talking and messages through bodily sensations, such as tightening of fists and jaws. One intuitively understands the meaning of these reactions and can sense a clear change in the room’s temperature and air pressure. This change warns of the negative situations.

We are blessed with five senses, and each of it corresponds to some spiritual sense. Clairsentients receive angel message and guidance through a sense of smell, touch, and taste. You may smell an aroma or perfume of your deceased relative indicating the presence. An angel may shower the room with orange blossoms to tell you about an impending wedding.

Clairsentients receive messages through their gut feeling. The intuition mainly comes from the tightening of the stomach region according to the angelic guidance. This way you feel angels talking to you, and you can interpret the meaning of these gut feelings and follow them without any hesitation.

Angelic assistance through “claircognizance.”

The fourth means of angelic communication and angels talking is through claircognizance. Men, in particular, are frequently claircognizant and somehow not even realize that they have naturally received the detailed and accurate information from God and angels. This claircognizant can answer any question despite not knowing the answer. They just know, without knowing how he does. Consequently, doubting the validity of his knowingness. This is a mistake though. When this divine message enters someone’s mind, one must perceive it is a gift we can use to improve our lives and serve the world in the light of these angel messages.

You can observe this phenomenon yourself by asking a claircognizant a question on any topic in the world. He will give you the right answer in minutes supported by facts and figures. You might be confused on the answers. How can someone know that? He’ll answer you simply that he doesn’t know either, but somehow, he managed to answer it right.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has access to all four channels of communication. There are two means of achieving angelic guidance, primary and secondary. You just have to meditate and practice. Doing this you will become adept at receiving messages and angel bells in all four ways mentioned. The ability to perceive these angelic voices differ in people. Those, which are naturally visually oriented people, would want to pay their attention to the mental visions imparting angel messages.

Some of the people tend to focus on the sounds and then listen to the inner or outer voices, messages, or words. Then some people are the touchy-feely type and hire emotions and bodily sensations as instruments of getting Divine guidance. Consequently, some people that are intellectually inclined and search for the hidden meanings in complex situations monitor their thoughts in the heavenly moments of knowingness bringing certainty and guidance to whatever actions they perform.

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