What is a Fallen Angel? Know more about it Now!

fallen angel

An angel who does not follow the authority of the Divine is therefore known as a Fallen Angel. We all know who angels are – pure and holy spirits that help us in our life by guiding us and protecting us. They are appointed by the Divine to serve humanity and the Divine himself.

But, do you know what a fallen angel is? It is not specified anywhere about fallen angels, but it is known from different authentic sources that those angels who do not follow the commands given by the Divine are punished. 

What are Fallen Angels?

The followers of The Adversary are known as fallen angels. However, a fallen angel is not a follower of The Adversary from the beginning. They were once angels who served and followed the orders of the Divine.

However, their ill fate led them to fall from Heaven and the Divine’s grace. Thus, they got the name “Fallen” from the fall that they encountered while the Divine sent them from Heaven to the Earth; and since they were angels before, they are known as “FALLEN ANGELS” now.

They chose their fate, and it was their wrong decisions that had made them fall in the eyes of the Divine. Having been rebelled against God, it was their punishment to be sent to Earth.

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Types of Fallen Angels

Yes, there are categories of fallen angels. They are categorized into three distinct categories which have been discussed here:

Earthbound spirits

As the name suggests, a fallen angel who has been bound to Earth has to be someone who already existed there. Thus, the only people who tend to become a fallen angels are the deceased.

These people had been so materially attached to the Earth that they did not want to leave it even after their death. These people who have committed a lot of sins during their life do not want to go to hell and thus choose to avoid the tunnel of light which eventually leads to heaven.

They are so attached to worldly things and their addictions during their life that they are not ready to give them up. Thus, rather than enjoying life in Heaven, they choose to stay on the Earth as fallen angels.

The Ego

Ego, as we know it, is a bad trait. An egoistic person is disliked by most and people do not want to be around these kinds of people.

Some angels are given the title of a “Fallen Angel” because of their ego. Thinking of yourself as above the others leads to ego issues, and it is not just a human issue, even angels have that.

Now we know that Satan was one of the best angels in the angelic realm, but he refused to bow down as the Divine’s will, and he was sent to Earth; thus, he became a fallen angel.

His refusal of bowing down was an issue of ego, and those angels who have an “ego issue” are sent to Earth from Heaven.

Angels went astray

Losing your focus and goal is not something only humans experience, even angels can go astray just like humans do. It must have clicked in your mind that the words “fallen” and “angel” does not somehow fit together as they have opposite meanings.

However, that is the beauty of it that shows us that angels are not perfect beings. They have imperfections just like humans do, and they can go astray.

How to distinguish between a fallen angel and a real angel of God?

A question of importance arises of whether you know if you are talking to one of the fallen angels or an angel of God? When you call upon an angel for help, the fallen angels can hear the prayer as well since they were once angels.

Therefore, you need to know whether to follow the guidance or not depending on which Angel you are talking to. There are a few ways in which you can ensure that the guidance provided to you, is provided by an angel of God.

Angels appointed by God will always guide you to do the right things.

Now, for example, you pray for an angel to help you study as you can’t focus, and your exams are close by. In this situation, the angel of God will guide to in a way that you find motivation and boost up your morale for you to start studying with a positive mindset, and a goal to achieve.

However, a fallen angel’s guidance will always result in the loss for you. He may ask you to relax a while as you have been studying all day in university and that you should take a break and start afresh. Now, this is delaying your study and wasting time doing absolutely nothing productive.

True angels fill light and happiness in your life

When you call upon an angel in times of distress or sorrow, the true angels will help ease your mind and soul in a way that you will gradually start feeling better and less distressed. However, when a fallen angel answers your prayer, you will start feeling worse than you did before.

True angels will bring you close to the Divine

True angels being servants of the Divine, will always try to bring you closer to Him. However, fallen angels, will want you only to follow what they say and try their best for you to forget about God.

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