Sarafin Angel and Other Secret Archangels

Sarafin Angel

We’ve covered the more mainstream archangels in the past and you’re probably well aware of who they are and what they do. Yet there are many other angels, even archangels, who fly by undetected. For example, you’ve probably heard of Archangel Michael who is the oldest archangel but have you heard of the Sarafin Angel?

Probably not…but don’t let that get you down, there is a very good reason why this aspect remains a mystery to you which is something we shall explore within this article.

The Issue with the Sarafin Angel

Many people have never heard of the Sarafin Angel but there is a good reason for that. In Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, you get what is known as a Seraph, Seraphs, or Seraphim which relates to a specific type of celestial being as opposed to one angel.

Seraphim are the highest-ranking level in the Christian angel hierarchy and are the fifth ranking within Judaism. Translations from different languages have led to terms such as the Sarafin Angel, Serafina angels, Serafine angel, and Serafin Angel all being tied up with Seraphin. The former is actually an angel whereas the latter is a level or state.

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Archangel Serafin

The true secret archangel (whose existence is kept even more secret by the confusion surrounding her name) is Archangel Serafin. So while you may find her name represented as the Sarafin Angel (or some other variation) this is her real name and title.

She is one of the highest-ranking Archangels, which just adds to the coincidence of her name is so similar to the title given to the highest level of angels.

The Angel Serafin is who you should contact if you’re having trouble learning a new skill or require guidance on learning a spiritual skill. One of her many gifts is based on the idea of seeing the larger picture.

If you find yourself being weighed down by the details of a task or you can’t see how learning something or taking part in an experience will benefit you in the long run, it is Serafin whom you should invoke.

She radiates loving and warm energy and is always happy to assist those who ask for it. Simply reach out to her during meditation or prayer to make contact.

Archangel Jeremiel

The Archangel Jereniel is another secret Archangel who you may never have heard of. Perhaps the characteristic that he is most well-known for changes.

This may sound a little vague but his role relates to invoking change, helping the progress of change, helping people adjust to change, and encouraging change when negative behaviors, attitudes, or habits set in.

As such, Archangel Jeremiel is who you should seek out if you’re having trouble achieving a goal or objective, especially if failing this project would restrict the change that is in progress.

He provides excellent guidance, support, and energy when you’re attempting to make a positive change in your life. He can also offer unique insights into altering your vibrational energy level.

Archangel Muriel

We already briefly mentioned Archangel Michael (who is the oldest archangel) but one angel who is rarely mentioned is his twin flame: Archangel Muriel.

She is the Archangel with whom you should discuss your soul’s journey. She helps and encourages anyone trying to reach their full potential and can offer a guiding hand when it is most needed.

It’s a shame that she isn’t as well-known as her twin flame because the guidance she can offer is exceptionally wise and insightful.

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