Find happiness in 7 days calling names of the angels

how to find happiness in 7 days

Here, in this article, I suggest we build your house of Happiness and Prosperity. With every construction phase of this house of happiness, with every step you take, you will move up a peg in the initiation, and this will enable you to create a radiant future for yourself, to make success your faithful companion and wealth your friend for life.

Discover how to find happiness in 7 days!

My Method “the Ladder of Happiness” and why call the names of Angels

You can’t hesitate when thinking about how to find happiness in 7 days! Let’s draw up the 7 steps of the Ladder of Happiness that are not unlike the construction of a house.

During all this process you can call the names of angels you know, you can find the list of the 72 main angels browsing the Internet and/or ask the name of your Guardian Angel when practicing “The Ladder of Happiness”.

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Act now with these 7 Steps to do :

  • First: Site depollution and leveling. This step corresponds to the purification needed before any work is undertaken.
  • Second: Digging and laying down foundations. This step will be centered on improving energy circulation. Vital energy will be strengthened and you will already feel better.
  • Third: Construction of the walls. This step will bring you the ability to better comprehend things and their true nature. To see more clearly beyond appearances, calling angel names will help you to speed up this third step.
  • Fourth: Construction of the ceiling framework. This step is a period for developing new energies leading to the acquirement of the resolve needed to attain success.
  • Fifth: Setting up the roof. This cycle will be dedicated to the preservation of the acquired positive forces and the techniques of protection against negative influences. At this time, asking “who is my Guardian Angel”, will easily attract positive energy to you.
  • Sixth: Application of exterior coatings and insertion of the doors and windows. This step conditions the relationships held in the outside world; it is also this step that will develop the power to act on events and personal “magnetism”. At this stage of this angelic process, you can ask two times: “Who is my guardian angel?“- and call the names of angels you like.
  • Seventh: Fittings, decoration, installation of practical elements. This cycle will develop your extrasensory abilities, your intuition, and your potential for good luck.

At this step, call names of angels invoked before and the question “ Who is my Guardian Angel?” could be answered after this final step!

Respect these 7 pieces of advice to unfailingly improve your life!

Allow me to draw your attention to the fact that the chronology of the different phases must be respected and that it is important to “climb the rungs of the ladder” one after the other, without trying to skip steps since this would be useless, given that the successful completion of cycle conditions the successful completion of the next one and without forgetting to call the names of angels at the required times above.

To use the metaphor of the house again, how to find happiness in 7 days is not that hard to accomplish but you cannot carry out proper work if you are exposed to the cold and rain in a house with no roof and no light.

And regularly calling angel names will ease the completion of this 7-steps cycle to happiness.

How to find happiness in 7 days

Take the time you need to complete your evolution. As you make progress, your vibratory frequency will increase in intensity and in subtlety, which will fling open the doors to success in every field one after the other.

Life will become lighter, sweeter and, most of all, more joyful!

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